It’s Chriiiiiiiiiiiisssstmaaaaaaas.

Yes, it is, as yelled by Noddy Holder in that old faithful seasonal refrain, ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’

I hope you had a brilliant Christmas – I certainly have!

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England Summer 2013, Part 6 – Family

I do like to catch up with my siblings when I’m back – not only cos I kinda miss them (yeah, ok, a little tiny bit – don’t tell them, eh?) but I really like seeing their almost football team sized troup of children.

Ella and Henry love seeing their cousins too.  They don’t see each other that often as they don’t live close so it’s a treat when they do get together. Read More

England Summer 2013, Part 2

Children are like dogs.

They need walking every day to ensure they have burnt off excess energy and are ready for some quiet time.

They also make good pets, but lets not tell social services, Henry is just getting used to his cage…

Anyway, walking is something I dont do enough of, but here, the thousands of footpaths that criss cross the countryside pretty much demand to be explored.

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Bits and pieces

Its been a funny couple of weeks – I’ve been focussed on passing my bike test and, if you’ve read the last post, been made a bit redundant – both of which have taken up a lot of my time.

I haven’t been totally idle on the photo front though (although I think ‘mostly idle’ would actually cover it) – I have a load of bits and pieces shots from the phone and also shots from the garden, birthdays and jaunts out to the beach.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year – it’s invariably lovely, weather wise, there’s loads of pretty flowers and stuff, particularly the jacaranda trees in the city and days are longer which means there’s more time after work to enjoy the outdoors. Read More

Back to England – part 5

It was scheduled to rain for the next couple of days, but it wasn’t supposed to hit until much later in the day, so my sister and I took the chance to head down to the beach.  It’s an hour’s drive to Camber Sands but the traffic wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining.  We decided to leave early and be packed up by lunch ahead of the rain and the rush (this place gets so busy once the sun is out)

We arrived just after 9 and the place was almost deserted.  Awesome.  Buckets and spades purchased, we walked off up the beach and set up our untidy little camp.  As soon as we put the bags down, the kids were off.

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Trip to the UK – part 5

And then it was the very last day – we packed up and I drove them back to their house.  They were very pleased to see their mum of course – no matter how much fun we’re having, they always like to be back home.

As luck would have it, Ella had a ballet lesson that afternoon, which meant I could (finally) watch her do her dancing.   Sadly, due to paedo paranoia, I was only allowed to watch and not take photos of her during the lesson.  Ah well.

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Trip to the UK – Part 4

Time, as ever, is the mortal enemy and pretty soon we were down to the last full day together.  It was very overcast and threatening to rain bit we decided on an outside adventure anyway.

There’s a lovely old stately home only 15 minutes drive from my parents house that I last went to probably when I was Ella’s age.  No, really, it was that long ago.

Penshurst Place has gardens and an adventure playground open all year (but the house is only open in the summer) which sounded perfect – combine that with a toy museum and some lunch, we thought that would be a good day out. Read More

Trip to the UK – Part 3

It was still freezing cold, but we refused to be couped up indoors – I only had a week and I wanted to get out and about with the kids as much as possible.

We went off to the duck ponds for a wander around – there was still a little bit of snow around and the lakes were still frozen several cm thick – probably more in the middle

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Photos and Stuff

Yup, it’s one of those random ‘here’s a load of photos’ posts.

Well, I have time off work what do you expect??!!

We’ve had a pretty chilled out week so far, not trying to catch up with friends too much and mostly catching up on family downtime.  We’ve bummed around the house, scoffed picnic food 3 days on the trot (well, why wouldn’t you? – we are talking about brie on crackers with prosciutto and a side helping of tearing bread and olive oil, capsicum fetta and sun dried tomatoes and to top it all – dolmades)

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Christmas 2011

So, it’s that time of year again.

Where parents frantically try to get what their kids want without going overboard
Where husbands and wives think frantically what their spouses would like this year
Where inlaws buy socks
Where children make handcrafted trinkets with love for their parents
Where vouchers are the ultimate safe haven when you just can’t work out that perfect gift
Actually, the ultimate safe haven are pamper packs of bath salts and smellies.

But not this year..

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