Christmas Lights

One thing we have done ever since I arrived in Perth is to visit the local Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  A local street is pretty much given over the entire neighbourhood with thousands of people turning out to look at the incredible effort the residents have gone to.

I know this post is out of order from the other one, but I kinda forgot I had all these pics on the other camera!

Ella, Henry and I got in from the flight in time to have some (now cold, the flight was an hour late) pizza and then we all piled into the 4wd with kids sitting on each others laps (it’s not far to drive and only via deserted back streets) and drove to the closest park to the street, parked up and walked over to join the crowds.The kids loved it – the night was lovely and warm and everyone was in high spirits.  I don’t think there is really quite the same cheer gained from walking around the cold and damp streets of England looking at the odd glowing santa and dripping lights before having to retire to the glow of central heating, tea and biscuits. Wandering around on a balmy summer night at Christmas is really very a different experience.

We bumped into friends (although I didn’t see Dodgey Bruce this year, sadly) and had a lovely time.




Thank you to the residents of Cumberland Way for the hard work and power bills 🙂

Here’s some pics from last year 🙂

Next up:  Kangaroos and body boarding.

2 Comments on “Christmas Lights

  1. hahaha, i didnt attend this years lights sorry, not really feeling it and had to work on the bug, so did my own celebration at home 😉


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