Corona Cockwombles

Here in Perth we had a single case of Coronavirus that was contracted by a security guard manning a quarantine floor in a hotel. It looked like he didn’t pass it on to anyone, but none the less, 1.8 million of us in the city and south west were immediately placed under strict lockdown by our knee jerk government with the imposition of hard border closures, restrictions on movement except for essential reasons, mandatory business closures, food buying limits, check ins at every place you go and mask wearing.

After 5 days and almost 50,000 tests, it was confirmed that indeed there was no transmission, however the state government, “just to be sure”, decided on another 10 days of business capacity restrictions, mask wearing and endless press conferences on how it was all ‘necessary’.

And now, I have just read that the Health Minister has recommended that families travelling in a car together should wear masks even though they are not required to (because it would be fucking stupid) as it ‘demonstrates commitment to the public health effort’ if you do.


Mind you, in Queensland, they passed a law where you had to wear as mask in a car on you own (until they realised the public were very rapidly asking why and it was clear they were about to lose cooperation completely). Just madness.

Australian State Governments have lost the plot. It’s as insane as the UK national clap for the NHS.

We’re being governed by fucking idiots.

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