England Summer 2013, Part 6 – Family

I do like to catch up with my siblings when I’m back – not only cos I kinda miss them (yeah, ok, a little tiny bit – don’t tell them, eh?) but I really like seeing their almost football team sized troup of children.

Ella and Henry love seeing their cousins too.  They don’t see each other that often as they don’t live close so it’s a treat when they do get together.

We spent a bit of time at each of my sister’s houses, catching up, having fun and letting the kids play and go nuts.

My youngest sister has 2 kids and the middle sister has 5, including almost 1 year old twin boys.  Her life is a crazy ride, thats for sure.

DSCF0856 DSCF0864 DSCF0873  DSCF0879 DSCF0886 DSCF0889 DSCF0900DSCF0941 DSCF0987 DSCF0977 DSCF0976 DSCF0972 DSCF0965 DSCF0956 DSCF0952 DSCF0948 DSCF0945 DSCF0942

It’s crazy to see how big all my nieces and nephews are getting – I remember life so clearly when Ella was the only grandchild – now my parents have 9 grandchildren.  Madness.

We all got together and walked up to the park too – which was fun (and less stressful for my parents to accommodate everyone!)

DSCF1185 DSCF1188 DSCF1189 DSCF1201 DSCF1205 DSCF1222 DSCF1225 DSCF1227

The next time I catch up with them all like this will be next summer, as I’m planning to get Ella and Henry over here in Perth for Christmas and New Year.    Can’t imagine how much bigger they’ll all be!!

Next up:  The woods.  It’s traditional that we go there and it’s possibly my favourite place in the world.



3 Comments on “England Summer 2013, Part 6 – Family

  1. Oh that would be wonderful Charlie, I hope they do come over. With all your photo blogs over the years it feels like I know your kids already and I’d love to take some family shots for you. =)


      • How exciting! 🙂 You must be thrilled! Well, besides the jet lag bit. Are they staying for long?
        I have leave booked over the Christmas/NY period so I’m sure we can sort something out.


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