Bits and pieces

Its been a funny couple of weeks – I’ve been focussed on passing my bike test and, if you’ve read the last post, been made a bit redundant – both of which have taken up a lot of my time.

I haven’t been totally idle on the photo front though (although I think ‘mostly idle’ would actually cover it) – I have a load of bits and pieces shots from the phone and also shots from the garden, birthdays and jaunts out to the beach.

Spring is one of my favourite times of year – it’s invariably lovely, weather wise, there’s loads of pretty flowers and stuff, particularly the jacaranda trees in the city and days are longer which means there’s more time after work to enjoy the outdoors.

First up – some black and whites of some of the flowers in the garden

I like these ‘extreme’ black and whites.

Next up – it was Piper’s 12 birthday and she had a make up and hair styling party with a load of friends at a local salon.  The loved it and she certainly came back looking very pretty

It doesn’t take long for her to revert to ‘goose’ mode (which is giggles followed by face pulling)

Glad she had a lovely day.  (you can see how slack I am, these are from over a month ago)

Next up – we actually went out – dedicated trip to the beach

Blue swimming crab ( – these little buggers are very pinchy!

The kite surfers were out, but I didn’t have my boardies on or the time to get into the water to be able to take close up action shots.  Next time, my pretties, next time.

And finally, a panorama of the lagoon with all the kite surfers in the distance.

Happy Springtime, everyone 🙂  I promise more photos soon, honest!

2 Comments on “Bits and pieces

  1. Maybe some perks for being made redundant! Piper looks lovely. Instagrams of Perth look beautiful


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