Back to England – part 5

It was scheduled to rain for the next couple of days, but it wasn’t supposed to hit until much later in the day, so my sister and I took the chance to head down to the beach.  It’s an hour’s drive to Camber Sands but the traffic wasn’t too bad and the sun was shining.  We decided to leave early and be packed up by lunch ahead of the rain and the rush (this place gets so busy once the sun is out)

We arrived just after 9 and the place was almost deserted.  Awesome.  Buckets and spades purchased, we walked off up the beach and set up our untidy little camp.  As soon as we put the bags down, the kids were off.

The tide was out, which at Camber Sands, with it’s really shallow beach, meant that the sea was a good 5 minutes walk from the high tide line.  That’s something you just don’t get in Western Australia!   The kids had fun playing in the many pools that were left behind by the tide, building castles and damns and lakes and canals.

For fact fans – Camber Sands is really close to the gorgeous old town of Rye, one of the original so called ‘Cinque Ports’ (pronounced ‘sink’ – not like the French version) – five strategically important Medieval military and trading posts.

Of course the kids wanted to stay for hours and hours more, but the car park ticket was running out and they really needed lunch.  A cheap and cheerful burger and chips from the very typical English beach ‘cafe’ (pronounced caf – we’re not talking posh here) and an ice cream on the way out and that was it – a beautiful morning playing by the sea.

The kids wanted to come back, but sadly, we ran out of time and the weather forecast never looked promising enough, although in reality, this being England, we had plenty more glorious days!

We drove back into darkening skies and by the time we made it back to my parents house, it was raining pretty hard.

Next up – a walk around the village.

2 Comments on “Back to England – part 5

  1. Rye is a beautiful town. I was taking a photo of a building there once when a guy walked past and said to his partner ‘If I started taking pictures around here I wouldn’t know when to stop!’ I thought he had a good point!


    • It’s gorgeous – I’ve been a few times in my life. I think I spent a few hours taking pics the last time I was there. I also went to Dungeness to take pics of the old fishing boats on the beach, that was pretty cool.


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