Corona Cockwombles

Here in Perth we had a single case of Coronavirus that was contracted by a security guard manning a quarantine floor in a hotel. It looked like he didn’t pass it on to anyone, but none the less, 1.8 million of us in the city and south west were immediately placed under strict lockdown by our knee jerk government with the imposition of hard border closures, restrictions on movement except for essential reasons, mandatory business closures, food buying limits, check ins at every place you go and mask wearing.

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August through to Late September is wildflower season in Western Australia. Parts of the state are famous for being literally carpeted with a myriad of flowers, from the ‘backyard’ everlastings to rare orchids, Banksias and the mysterious Leschenaultia “wreath” flowers.

I decided to take a day trip up north where the wildflowers start and see what I could find.

My friend had been to Coorow a few weeks earlier and she said the flowers were just starting to bloom and that a few weeks later it would be perfect. So, a few weeks later…

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Canola dreaming.

It’s been reasonably wet this year (reports say below average, but I dont see how..) so all the flowers and canola fields are out in force.

Like everything in Western Australia, one has to make an effort to go see things.  Nothing is really just around the corner.

So I fuelled up the car and headed off on a little round trip inland to York, Beverley, Brookton and Pingelly to see what I could find.  Read More

Fog and Mist and updates

So it’s been very wet here recently. Deluges of biblical proportions kind of wet.

It’s good, the dams need it – although very wet winters do create bushfire fuel problems for the summer.

Anyways, it was very foggy/misty here after a very wet week and I decided to get off my fat arse and go take some pictures up by the local dam. Read More

Misty morning

Its been very wet here this winter. Actually I’m always surprised just how much it does rain after a long hot summer.

It gets quite murky here in the hills as we’re often in the clouds when the rain rolls in.

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Sneering at everything

It’s fashionable these days to view history through a sneering lens of moral superiority and damn all of it as disgusting imperialist racist filth.

The problem with this of course is setting the standard of morality like this is that the future, possibly only years away given today’s propensity for generation bashing, will look at today and smash it with it the same woke hammer.

Better to understand history, recognise things were different and not necessarily good, but be happy that civilisation has moved on, enlightened and although not perfect, is the most equitable it has ever been in the whole of human history,

Sadly, we get people like Alice Procter, the very incarnation of self-declared moral virtue. This young Aussie art historian in London runs tours of museums, presumably floating imperiously in her moral bubble of virtue, telling everyone who will listen just how terribly racist and sexist everything is. Read More

Alien Abduction (and pics from England 2019 Trip)

No, I didn’t get abducted by aliens (although I have a cool foggy pic).

But where have I even been?

Do blog platforms have relevance anymore, given the transition to face-o-gram or snap-tock?  I think as a society we are increasingly crippled by inattention disorder – the addictive quest for new and shiny stimulus.

If it takes longer than a minute to consume, it’s too long, move on – tl;dr as they say.  If I have to read it to appreciate it – move on, video and click like is all it needs.

I’m semi guilty of this – I post on Instagram more than anything, because it takes no effort and is a half replacement feel good for actual content and connection.   And 12 months of no blogging later, no audience, no meaning and no narrative.

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Out and About

I’ve been keeping busy since I did the epic half marathon run, carrying on exercising but nothing quite so long or exhausting, plus my ankles are not feeling that happy with running (again..)

I even got up at 5am on a Saturday morning to hike to the top of a local ‘mountain’ to watch the sunrise.  More on that below!

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Half Marathon Run

I should qualify this.

It wasn’t a race

But it was half marathon distance and I did run it – so my goal for (admittedly last year) is now achieved. And slightly unexpectedly.  I didn’t set out knowing how far I was going to go.

But I’ll take it, half marathon is in the bank, accidental or not.   Read More

Spring into Summer

Bit slack on this blog!

I’ve been a bit hit and miss on the old fitness plan after picking up a back injury lifting wood over winter and then after getting a good solid restart during early spring, came unstuck again – probably a disk herniation this time given the pain and sciatica – that was a hellish month or so.

But after about 4 weeks, I started moving it again and after 8 weeks it’s healed and now it’s all systems go again!

So, spring in this part of the world is rather lovely – the place is so colourful and lush after the winter rains, but we still get some warm sunny days.

Actually, Spring as a western construct doesn’t apply quite so well here! I’ve mentioned this before – Aboriginal people, having lived here for however many tens of thousands of  years, had identified 6 seasons in this area and Spring is really 2 distinct seasons.

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