Back to England – last part!

We had a day with the cousins and saw my sister’s teeny premature twin boys which was cool.  Ella loved holding them – they’re so tiny!

We went swimming (again) and Henry managed to swim unaided for 3 or 4 meters, which for a skinny 5 year old boy who last year, was afraid of the water, was really cool.  I even had him jumping in off the side and helping him duck down and touch the bottom.  Lesson there, parents, is to get a good pair of well fitting goggles.  It transforms how much fun they have in the water.

But then it was time to go, which is always the worst part – knowing we have a few more hours, a little more fun and then I have to leave them and fly home again. Read More

Trip to the UK – part 5

And then it was the very last day – we packed up and I drove them back to their house.  They were very pleased to see their mum of course – no matter how much fun we’re having, they always like to be back home.

As luck would have it, Ella had a ballet lesson that afternoon, which meant I could (finally) watch her do her dancing.   Sadly, due to paedo paranoia, I was only allowed to watch and not take photos of her during the lesson.  Ah well.

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Trip to the UK – Part 2

So, we’ve been having a great time here – it’s been a relatively quiet one this time as it’s been freezing cold, most cool places are actually closed for the winter and we’re all too busy kicking back.

We did go swimming which was cool.  No, litterally, it was freezing.  The poor boy (who has the physical appearance of the terminally malnourished) went blue and his teeth were chattering uncontrollably.

He did try to swim, but the belly ache he had when he got out indicated that he was actually trying to drink the pool level low enough so he could stand. Read More

Holidays, part 7 – kids

And so it was time to take the kids back home so they had time to unwind before school started.  This is the bit that’s hard – that still having fun but knowing that its almost time to go bit.  Still – have fun we did and Ruth cooked us all a lovely late lunch/early tea as we played in the last of the English summer warmth.

We had a few hours, so I took some nice photos in the lovely light she has in her house.

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Holidays, part 6 – mini golf, mini trains, castles and trees

We had almost come to the end of the holidays and there were so many fun things still to be done.  I decided to go see what one of the locals parks had to offer as I’d heard it had been done up since I was last there.  And done up it had been – lots of new play equipment, remodelling and the two decade old mini golf had finally been redone.

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Holidays part 2 – family

I gave my kids a massive hug when I got in on Friday – it had been 6 months since I saw them in person – Henry was dancing around in circles he was so excited.  Its always so fantastic to see them.

The next day, after a good nights sleep, we went for a walk to the park at the top of the hill – it was a beautiful day too – warm, hot even, sunny, perfect.  The kids had loads of fun playing, swinging, sliding, running and making friends.

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Tripski, part 1

So, as you know, I went to England to see my beautiful kids.  England, land of the village pub, the Darling Buds of May, long summer evenings, rambling footpaths and history going back millenia.

Well, it wasn’t like that.  The sun didn’t shine.  It rained all the time.  It was freezing.  The cloudbase was 3 feet above the ground – so much so it didn’t really get light a couple of days. But hey, it was February and it wasn’t entirely unexpected.

More to the point, it wasn’t why I was there.

My kids

I had a lovely time with them – they’re so utterly amazing.  But then I’m a little biassed.  Their little faces when I knocked on their front door is the best thing ever.  Every time.  It’s like the biggest light ever comes on.  Probably like seeing kids faces at Christmas, but times one hundred.

They’re so cool.

Here’s a few pics from the first few days..

A little fun with the 10-20 wide angle

Now some more normal shots.

Next post – the cousins.  Well, a couple of them anyway, there’s a tribe of them we didn’t get to see this time.

more tall tales..

so, how far did I get?

I’ve been so busy and also sick (with special thanks to my children for their so far unblemished record in handing over the lurgey baton when I see them) that blogging was placed on the back burner.

So, Easter Sunday was spent at my sisters:

Ava is my youngest sister’s smallest child – she’s ever so sweet, very little and smiley

Easter Monday we went for as walk around the duckponds (by popular request) – it was pretty cold still, but we had a lot of fun and it was really nice to see all the spring flowers and blossom starting to come out. We don’t have the same spring flowers here, the English ones are much nicer!