Canola dreaming.

It’s been reasonably wet this year (reports say below average, but I dont see how..) so all the flowers and canola fields are out in force.

Like everything in Western Australia, one has to make an effort to go see things.  Nothing is really just around the corner.

So I fuelled up the car and headed off on a little round trip inland to York, Beverley, Brookton and Pingelly to see what I could find.  The route took me through the seemingly endless state forest and then out into the first part of the wheatbelt.First stop – York.  A few years ago, the backroad to York (Westdale Road) was full of canola.  This year, not so much.  So I pulled into York thinking that maybe this was just going to be a wander around the town, have coffee and maybe head home again trip.  Once at the Mt Brown lookout I could see a lot more canola, so was confident that I would not come home empty handed!

York is lovely, but it was so  crowded when I got there that it was difficult to take pictures without a ton of people in the shot.  Here’s some uncrowded highlights!

Right, onto the canola.  After a walk around the town and being happy to discover that there is a dedicated croquet club there – how amazingly English, I headed off on the back roads to Beverley to see what I could find.

And I wasn’t disappointed!  Endless fields of gold!

Amazing.  And no one else around either.

Onwards to Brookton and a quick fuel up and a pie and drink for lunch, I headed off towards Pingelly but there wasn’t a lot going on and the town was, like pretty much all country towns in Western Australia, closed after lunch.

I did find one amazing field, but I was in Ford Fiesta as my car was waiting for a repair and couldn’t really explore up the dirt roads for more.  It didn’t really matter, it was mid afternoon now and time to head home.

Just outside Brookton, I was rewarded with this amazing view over perfect countryside on a perfect day to end my canola hunting trip.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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