Summer in England 2016 – part 6 – Riverhill Gardens

Gone past this place more than a thousand times and never even been curious to go in, but as we’ve done pretty every attraction within 50 miles, I was looking for something new.

I saw it advertised on one of those ‘100 things to do in Kent’ websites and it looked interesting enough for a day out.  The kids took a look at the website and quickly agreed, especially with the promise of lunch out.

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Easter in England 2015 – part 2

We often go out for lunch to Sevenoaks when I’m over – a special treat in a really nice restaurant that is open all day – so early or late is no problem.  It’s not normally packed out, so we can usually just rock up and get a table without an issue.

This place specialises in pizza, which makes everyone happy 😉 Read More

England Summer 2013, Part 2

Children are like dogs.

They need walking every day to ensure they have burnt off excess energy and are ready for some quiet time.

They also make good pets, but lets not tell social services, Henry is just getting used to his cage…

Anyway, walking is something I dont do enough of, but here, the thousands of footpaths that criss cross the countryside pretty much demand to be explored.

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tripski – final part

We had some other nice days, went out for lunch – actually, there’s a story there all by itself

Never go to Pizza Express in Sevenoaks – they were terrible, forgot our order, lied to cover it up and told us it was ‘just in the oven’ but 1/2 hour later it still hadn’t arrived, stuffed up with the deserts and eventually, after nearly 2 hours (yeah, I know, I was ready to blow) we just walked out.  So, Pizza Express – you were terrible, beyond awful and I have no hesitation in not recommending that anyone go there ever, under any circumstances.

And I’m going to tag this post and tweet it too.  Customer service is sometimes about recovering from a stuff-up – and they just made it worse.

Anyways, before I get on my high horse too much, back to the week..

Lunch, days out, fun, etc.

Then we decided to go to Hastings Aquarium with my sister.

Having a 7 seater hire car has some benefits – we could fit them all in one car and go together.  So, after much palaver getting car seats in, we trotted off in gloomy but clearing conditions.

We arrived in Hastings and it was shrouded in the thick sea fog – couldn’t see the tops of the townhouses it was that thick.  There was no way to make out the horizon between ocean and sky.  The aquarium was a bit of a disappointment if truth be told, it was small and didn’t have that much in there, but still, the kids had a good time.  We had lunch (fish and chips, of course) and then went for a walk on the beach

Good times 🙂

Had a nice day the next day, but then I had to take them back home, which was sad as it had been such a lovely week.  I hate to leave them, its horrible.  But, time will fly and I’ll be back in the summer.

castles (part2)

Leeds Castle was cool, a bit too cool actually, we ended up tired and cold and missed the driving rain by seconds as we got back to the car.

The next day was completely different – sunny and warm with a gentle breeze, so we went about a mile down the road to Ightham Mote, a wonderful moated medieval manor house, dating from 1320, perfectly preserved, and lovingly restored, hidden in a sunny wooded valley

Its an interesting place, as it is relatively modest by aristocratic standards, it attracted a series of modest and sympathetic owners who only subtly enhanced its liability and refrained from major modification. This means it really does look pretty much as it did in the middle ages. Cool!

The kids loved it, they thought it was so magical – and it is – its a marvellous place like no other really. Henry was a champ and managed to get around the place quite happily without touching anything too priceless, Ella did a quiz that the National Trust had laid on and we all got ice creams to finish. Beautiful day.

The best and mist curious thing is that I’ve lived almost next door to this place until I went to university, came back home a few times since and this is the first time I’ve ever paid to go in. Glad I waited, was nice to share something like this with the kids.