Trip to the UK – Part 3

It was still freezing cold, but we refused to be couped up indoors – I only had a week and I wanted to get out and about with the kids as much as possible.

We went off to the duck ponds for a wander around – there was still a little bit of snow around and the lakes were still frozen several cm thick – probably more in the middle


The next day was a little warmer again, so we went round to my sister’s again so the kids could play in the park with their cousins.  When I say warmer, it was only a degree or two above freezing, which to my Australian acclimatised blood, is virtually absolute zero, especially as the wind was blowing a bit.

Still, the kids had loads of fun!

We kinda chilled out after this and pretty soon, the kids were wiped out and settled down to watch The Smurfs before dinner.

Next up – Penshurst Place

8 Comments on “Trip to the UK – Part 3

  1. Hi,
    Great photos. I don’t think I would be able to handle the cold, I would be huddled under a blanket I’m sure. 😀


    • hehe – Thanks – cold is ok, can add layers easily! I was in Brisbane last week – was so melty hot! I’m not built for humidity!


  2. I have definitely missed your blog Charlie.. your photos are always candid, wonderful, and so vibrant. I gotta check out your part 2 post 🙂


      • Hi just an old Friend??? from the UK taking a peek into Charlies world.
        Its been a long time since I caught up with you on line,
        You have been busy with the site since I last took a peep, How do you find enough hours in a day to do it all?

        How is life treating you in the big down under? I hope you and both the families are well.

        It looks as if you had some fun with the weather Or should I say it had some fun with you hope it is all sorted and tidy again by now.

        Hope to catch you some time SOON, Luv and Best wishes Janet. xx


        • Hey Janet – all good here apart from a few storms. A bit of work and we’ll be back shipshape again! I’ll be back in Blighty in a couple of months, I cant wait!


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