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Yup, it’s one of those random ‘here’s a load of photos’ posts.

Well, I have time off work what do you expect??!!

We’ve had a pretty chilled out week so far, not trying to catch up with friends too much and mostly catching up on family downtime.ย  We’ve bummed around the house, scoffed picnic food 3 days on the trot (well, why wouldn’t you? – we are talking about brie on crackers with prosciutto and a side helping of tearing bread and olive oil, capsicum fetta and sun dried tomatoes and to top it all – dolmades)

So, this chilled out week of ours has meant I’ve actually gotten out and about with the camera.

Here’s Gin the cat.

Big ‘un in the garden – we were trying to do some levitation photos like I did in the Summer in England with Ella, but we didn’t get very far – she’s not very good at it, but we did manage to make use of the beautiful light.

An afternoon at the beach (so Jay could have peace and quiet to finish her assignment for her degree) – it was threatening to rain, but it never happened – we just benefited from a big drop in temps from scorching to perfect and some respite from the sun.

And a totally selfish hour spent at Mangles Bay with the golden evening light.ย  So many people were out tonight with barbecues and fishing gear, families all together having fun in the warm holiday evening.


So there you go – thats my week so far – even though it’s been stinking hot the last few days, we’ve managed to stay mostly chilled and relaxed and I’ve totally forgotten what’s it like to get up at 5:45am.

Can I win the lottery now so I don’t have to get up that early for work again?

11 Comments on “Photos and Stuff

  1. Awesome!! I was hoping you’d get some photos up after I heard you’d gone to the beach!! You guys are SO lucky, it’s a paradise you live in. ๐Ÿ˜€ Beautiful shots!!


  2. Great photos. I like the collage technique you used for some images. The combination of three photos into one image is quite interesting and it tells more about the place you were at.


    • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I do the three in one images as the vertical portrait oriented photos don’t work too well on their own when combined with landscape photos – its better to glue them all together to make one!


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