Trip to the UK – part 5

And then it was the very last day – we packed up and I drove them back to their house.  They were very pleased to see their mum of course – no matter how much fun we’re having, they always like to be back home.

As luck would have it, Ella had a ballet lesson that afternoon, which meant I could (finally) watch her do her dancing.   Sadly, due to paedo paranoia, I was only allowed to watch and not take photos of her during the lesson.  Ah well.

She was awesome – so cool to watch her dancing.  She’s very talented – sadly she missed out on a place at the Royal Ballet School in London, but she still does lessons at a Royal Academy dance studio and at the regional Royal Ballet School where she lives. I’m very proud of her, as you might be able to tell.

And as for the boy – he doesn’t want to do ballet as ‘its for girls’

Ah well, if he doesn’t get his hair cut soon, it’ll be ballet or surfing lessons!

And that was it – amid lots of tears, I had to leave and get back so I could pack up for my flight early the next day.  I hate to leave them, it’s awful and they hate it, but they’re strong and a skype call as soon as I got back home to Perth showed everything was okay again.

I can’t wait to see them in the summer – I must book my holiday and flights soon!

3 Comments on “Trip to the UK – part 5

  1. Hi,
    Really nice photos. It was a shame they wouldn’t allow any photos to be taken while the dancing was on, photos like that are great when the kids get older and they can have a look back, paranoia is definitely spot on.


  2. Boys and long hair go together. Sailing off Cowes springs to mind!!!
    Lovely photos of Ella, she is growing up so fast.


  3. I have to agree with magsx2, the real shame of the ‘paedo paranoia’ (nice turn of phrase btw) is the fact that you won’t have those photos/memories for when they grow up.


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