Christmas Lights

One thing we have done ever since I arrived in Perth is to visit the local Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  A local street is pretty much given over the entire neighbourhood with thousands of people turning out to look at the incredible effort the residents have gone to.

I know this post is out of order from the other one, but I kinda forgot I had all these pics on the other camera!

Ella, Henry and I got in from the flight in time to have some (now cold, the flight was an hour late) pizza and then we all piled into the 4wd with kids sitting on each others laps (it’s not far to drive and only via deserted back streets) and drove to the closest park to the street, parked up and walked over to join the crowds. Read More

Christmas lights

There’s a bit of a trend around these parts to decorate houses with Christmas lights.  When I say decorate, I mean cover, top to bottom.

One particular street has been doing this for many years, with most of the residents participating.  It’s got so famous that the area is packed with people on Christmas Eve, all wanting to come see.

It’s also become our tradition to go for a wander. Read More