The best bit about autumn – clouds.

Summer in Perth is all very well, but the heat, the endless blue skies and 15 hours of sunshine a day can get a bit wearing.

I know, I know, how ungrateful!! Compared to England, we have good weather here – even when its cold, its warm.  Blah blah!

Well, the summer has packed its bags now and autumn is coming and with it – clouds, rain and cool breezes.  All of which are great for photographs.  A bit of cloud and suddenly everything is a little bit more interesting.

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Boxing Day goodness

So, all you northern hemisphere dwellers with your snow and your wrap up warm Christmas cheer where mulled wine makes perfect sense don’t know how good you have it!

As I said before, it doesn’t feel like Christmas down here in Perth – it’s almost 40C today with clear skies (and a strong sea breeze, thank god) – everyone’s heading to the beach or barbecuing on the many foreshore picnic areas.  How is that Christmas?  LOL!

It is, however, perfect weather to have a little ride about and I think I might have to make this a Boxing Day tradition. Read More


This isn’t really about peaches, but more about a drive in to the country, which is kinda reminded me of a line from a song by rock band Presidents of the USA called ‘Peaches’

‘A move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…’

Well, I didn’t even see a single peach, but I did take a load of photos of rural Australia, which is only a stone’s throw from suburbia where I live. Read More

Raising Hell

We’ve had a few storms here over the last few weeks.  Big arsed hairy Indian Ocean winter storms.

These are usually ok – the wind howls, the rain falls and then its gone.  Except this time we had 2 of them back to back, the first with a sudden howling gale that knocked down fences and trees and damaged the roof and the second, a few days later, bringing 12 hours of violent wind and torrential rain.  This, as you can imagine did not go well with the already damaged roof, and water came pouring in through one ceiling over of the windows in the back of the house.  Bah!

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been od-ing on a new iPhone game


Its like scrabble, but different in, ohh, about no ways.  How they get around the copyright/patent/trademark thing, I don’t know

Anyway, we’re saddos in this house, Jay and I both have it, as do a few friends of ours too.  You sign in, create a game, invite a friend and play together.  Its great fun for a while, but then the same words keep coming out



So its refreshing when you can get a rude or suggestive word in there – scoring points becomes secondary.  Best of all, the game tells you at the top what your last word was and what score it made – which is brilliant for rude words.

Like this.

There are so many more words I want to get.  I had “jiggle” but couldn’t place it, I placed “tit” but really wanted “titties”

I know, puerile, but laugh out loud funny

slackest blogger award goes to..

er, me.  bugger

so, whats new in my world?

1.  Its got cold.

A feet numbing kind of cold.  Infact it’s almost record breakingly cold in Perth.  We’ve had a couple of frosts this week and night time temps have generally been around 1 or 2 degrees all week.  I know, I know, its not exactly cold compared to Europe or the US this winter, but remember that our houses aren’t really insulated, we don’t have central heating or double glazing, as normally, the temperature is in the teens or higher.

We do have ducted gas heating, but it’s way too expensive to run – last year, winter cost us $1500 in gas, so that got switched off and out came the blankets until it got so cold that we gave in and bought a wood-fired heater.

A big pot belly stove now sits, roaring in the corner of the open plan, kicking out no heat whatsoever until I get up and light it.  So I still have cold feet, but later in the day, the house is well toasty.  And it chews through wood like it’s going out of fashion.  2 trailer loads and 3 20kg bags and it’s only been a few weeks – it might not be cheaper to run than the gas at this rate, but I do get to play with matches, so that makes it worth it.

2.  Work.

I’ve actually had some.  Quite a lot and multiple projects too, which I must confess (to any potential employers) I find kinda challenging.  Not the work bit, it’s the multi-tasking context switching bit.  My job is normally quite involved and detailed and requires a lot of analytical thinking – I find I need time to settle my brain into the zone and then I can do what I need.  If I have to keep jumping in and out of different trains of thought, everything takes 4 times longer.  Well, not 4 times, but you get the idea.  I have a 10 minute window where my concentration ebbs away, so if I can get back to my zone within that window, then we’re all good, but if not, I have to come back up for air, change the air in the tanks and begin the long journey back into the depths of the ‘zone’

3.  Busy.

Although I cannot for the life of me remember doing what.  So here’s a photo of a kid with a mullet that I saw wandering around the DIY store.  His Dad had one too. And the smaller son had twin plaited rats tails.  Classy.  I am in Australia, not West Virginia or someplace aren’t I?  People of Walmart, eat your heart out!

Oh yeah, just remembered whats been taking the time every weekend so that I haven’t been anywhere – gardening – had to rip out a load of stuff from next to the fence cos its broken.  Fences here are stupid – they’re big sheets of fibreboardy stuff that are actually dug into the ground then joined together at the top with a metal bracket.  When they break (as they do), they have to be dug out with a special machine and new ones put in place.  So all the plants (massive honeysuckle and a big creepery thing) along a 20 metre section have had to come out.  I now have a pile of cuttings 3 metres tall and 5 meters around to be fed into a chipper that I don’t have the funds to buy just yet.

Plus I’m painting the girl’s bedrooms at the moment – a nice shade of lilac with a deeper colour accent wall (their choice, I blame their mother and her arty ways).  That was pretty much the whole of this Sunday and last night (and I foresee every night this week) taken up

So that’s taken up lots of time.  No slacking for me after all then 😉

4.  Photos.

Precious little of that recently due to the mysterious loss of time due to the above point 3.  However, I do have a few pics to show and tell.



So there you go 🙂

Next post – my lovely new camera!  Oh yes.

home by the sea

Sometimes I can go for weeks, living my life, oblivious to the fact that I live only a stones throw from the Indian Ocean and the most beautiful beaches.

Nuts isn’t it.

Other times, if there is no breeze and the world is quiet, I can hear the waves crashing rhythmically onto the beach as I drift off to sleep.

Today, I popped out to get some wine for dinner and drove the long way back (I say long way, its like a 1 minute detour) via the beach as the sky was looking interesting and I hadn’t taken any photos for ages.  I only had my iPhone, but thats ok, it was never about the actual photograph, more about just being there for a few minutes.

It was beautiful – warm, gentle breeze and the crashing of waves on the beach.  Perfect.


Crappy video too, complete with wave sounds 🙂


Its not been easy to sleep recently.  I don’t know why particularly – obviously being sick for the best part of 2 weeks didn’t help any, but I’m still not sleeping well.

In an effort to understand this and to try to do better, I downloaded an app for my iPhone called Sleep Cycle.

Its a clever little thing – it uses the motion sensor in the phone to detect if you are moving in bed, and the amount of movement tells it which sleep mode you’re in – from deep sleep (no movement) to dreaming (twitching perhaps?) to awake (tossing and turning and looking at the clock.  cursing detection optional)

It then will try to wake you up in the morning when you’re in your lightest sleep and as close to your alarm time as possible.  So you could get woken up 30 mins yearly, but the theory is that you’re nearly awake anyway so you’ll feel clear headed and refreshed rather than when you’re woken from deep sleep when you feel like you’ve had an elephant thrown at your head.

It worked fine yesterday as I was kinda awake at the alarm time – it got me up a little early but its theory was good.  This morning though, after a shit sleep all night, I was in deep sleep (finally) and it had no choice but to sound the alarm and wake me up from my coma.  Ugh.

So, here’s night before last – lots of deep sleep and it woke me up before I went back into another deep sleep cycle – cool 🙂

night before last - lots of sleep 🙂

Last night though – was awake lots, especially around 3am and it had no choice but to wake me up at my 5:45 alarm – 5am would have been better, but thats before it’s wake up threshold.

last night - awake for 1/2 the night - ugh

So, I need to find something to keep me asleep at 2-3am, cos thats when I really wake up.  I also need to set my alarm a little earlier, cos I know I’ll be awake at that time, so I may as well get up – there’s not a lot of sleep benefit to be had after that point.  I may use the time to go for a walk before getting ready for work.

Saturday, Saturday..

.. but no fighting whatsoever..

Had a lovely day yesterday – Jay and Anja went down to see a friend so Pipes and I went to the beach for a swim.

It was a beautiful morning, very still and the sea was very clear and gorgeously warm. We splashed about for a while, avoiding the transparent teeny (but not stingy) jellyfish, then built some sand castles and tried to keep the waves at bay. The wind picked up, as it does here, around noon and we got some good waves to belly surf in before coming home.

I got sunburned, despite covering myself in cream – meh! my back is scarlet and very sore today. Bummer.

In the afternoon, I went to take photos of kitesurfers – had a really good shoot – (more on this in the next post) – all in all, a nice and productive day.

hip to the beat, daddy-o

I got a new iPhone app today

I don’t normally brag or share about apps cos, well, its a bit passe, but this one is waaay cool


Its an old school camera simulator with different lens and film choices and its brilliant.

so many cool options for taking photos with the iPhone 🙂

It might have a crap camera relatively speaking, but the results are perfect for use on the web/flickr/facebook and blogs.  It could possibly manage an A4 print but to worry about quality would be missing the point.  Apple really have nailed the point of a smart phone.  It does lots of things pretty well – its no substitute for a dedicated device, or laptop or camera or games machine, but it does them all well enough for when you’re out an about for it to be a star.  My Nokia N95 was a good camera, a reasonable phone and crap at anything else.

The iPhone and its oh so clever App Store really is a work of genius.