been od-ing on a new iPhone game


Its like scrabble, but different in, ohh, about no ways.  How they get around the copyright/patent/trademark thing, I don’t know

Anyway, we’re saddos in this house, Jay and I both have it, as do a few friends of ours too.  You sign in, create a game, invite a friend and play together.  Its great fun for a while, but then the same words keep coming out



So its refreshing when you can get a rude or suggestive word in there – scoring points becomes secondary.  Best of all, the game tells you at the top what your last word was and what score it made – which is brilliant for rude words.

Like this.

There are so many more words I want to get.  I had “jiggle” but couldn’t place it, I placed “tit” but really wanted “titties”

I know, puerile, but laugh out loud funny

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