Saturday, Saturday..

.. but no fighting whatsoever..

Had a lovely day yesterday – Jay and Anja went down to see a friend so Pipes and I went to the beach for a swim.

It was a beautiful morning, very still and the sea was very clear and gorgeously warm. We splashed about for a while, avoiding the transparent teeny (but not stingy) jellyfish, then built some sand castles and tried to keep the waves at bay. The wind picked up, as it does here, around noon and we got some good waves to belly surf in before coming home.

I got sunburned, despite covering myself in cream – meh! my back is scarlet and very sore today. Bummer.

In the afternoon, I went to take photos of kitesurfers – had a really good shoot – (more on this in the next post) – all in all, a nice and productive day.