This isn’t really about peaches, but more about a drive in to the country, which is kinda reminded me of a line from a song by rock band Presidents of the USA called ‘Peaches’

‘A move into the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches…’

Well, I didn’t even see a single peach, but I did take a load of photos of rural Australia, which is only a stone’s throw from suburbia where I live.It’s funny – I only had to ride maybe 15 minutes east away from Rockingham and that was kinda it for the built up part of Western Australia.  Sure, there are a few built up areas as you go up the scarp into the forest, but they are few and far between.  As you go further east, apart from one or two country towns, that’s pretty much it for anything other than vast farms and cattle stations or desert until you get either take a right a go down to Adelaide in the south or keep going right across the desert and hit Sydney on the other side of the continent.  Civilisation really is a thin strip along the coast – the rest is for people tougher than I.

So, from my little ride into big yonder (ha! – it doesn’t even register on the map if you scroll out so can see a bit more of the continent) – some piccies.

You don’t have to go too far before the tarmac ends and the roads are just gravel – not ideal for a sporty motorbike tho!  As I was parked up (in the middle of the road) I realised there was no noise at all.  Nothing.  It was eerily silent – there was a farm over the back somewhere as I was parked near the drive, but it was just so quiet.  That’s no people for you.  There were bush flies though.  That’s cattle for you.  Ugh.

Back on the hard stuff again – much more suitable!

And then the light started to fade and it was time to turn and head for home.  The countryside isn’t spectacular, it’s just wide open with never ending skies and most of all, there’s rather a lot of it – so if you need to get away from pretty much everyone and get out into the silence, it really doesn’t take long.

And that was that – a little ride out of suburbia and out into the country.

Next up – well I don’t know – we’ll have to see what the weekend has in store!

9 Comments on “Peaches

  1. I enjoyed the ride Charlie 🙂 Damn but I do miss having a bike… I would say I regret selling it, except I don’t. What I do regret is not getting my big bike straightaway! But assuming we all live long and prosper, we might yet go out for a ride together some time eh?


    • You’ll just have to put the bike on the list of things to do when you’re ready to put down roots again! Maybe hire one when you get to the US and ride the southern Californian sun soaked highways? You’ve driven a ‘stang, how about a pimped up Hog?


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