Lightning Strikes

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before, but we get some awesome storms here in Western Australia.  They are mostly just packed with rain and wind, but from time to time, they come bearing violent electrical goodies.

So when I heard the rumbles of thunder across the ocean, naturally, I went down to check it out.

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Storm season

You know winter is coming to Perth when the rains arrive.

We have a remarkably livable climate here.

For most of the year it’s pretty much awesome – can be a bit too hot in the summer, and the lack of insulation and central heating can make winter a bit chilly, but for the most part – it’s peachy.

But did you know we get more rain in Perth than in London?

Most people in Perth wouldn’t know it either, because for 4 or 5 months, it hardly rains. But it catches up.  Oh boy does it.  And Winter is storm season. Read More

what a difference a day makes

Its been blowing a gale since I did the last blog post – last night was pretty uncomfortable with the house making all kinds of creaking noises in the storm force winds.

I woke up early as a particularly nasty squall came in and I thought we were going to lose the windows! Read More


Well, it seems that winter isn’t quite done with us here in the Southern Hemisphere!  Normally the low pressure troughs have fully moved south by now and stable warm summery weather is here to stay until March.

But not this year.

It’s been a spring of fits and starts, warm days and squalls. It’s like a misfiring car.

The weekend was warm and dry.  Today we have violent storms with howling gales and torrential rain Read More

Raising Hell

We’ve had a few storms here over the last few weeks.  Big arsed hairy Indian Ocean winter storms.

These are usually ok – the wind howls, the rain falls and then its gone.  Except this time we had 2 of them back to back, the first with a sudden howling gale that knocked down fences and trees and damaged the roof and the second, a few days later, bringing 12 hours of violent wind and torrential rain.  This, as you can imagine did not go well with the already damaged roof, and water came pouring in through one ceiling over of the windows in the back of the house.  Bah!

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Adventures with work

I posted about this kind of thing before.

Sometimes I get to travel for work and whilst it mostly sucks, it does mean I get to see places for free.  I don’t get very long to myself to explore and often I’m not really in the mood to go wandering around on my own, but I do get a flavour of lots of interesting places.

So, this time, my work has sent me to Brisbane, capital city of the state of Queensland. Read More


So, a few hours after having chilled out and watched the sun go down on the beach (in the last post) we got hit by the mother of all storms.

This pic was taken by a local photographer, Grahame Kelaher, about 10km from us to the south, so those lightning strikes were the ones over our head!

We got woken up at 2am by lightning like I’ve never seen before – a strike every second or two and the noise, amplified by the flat surface of the ocean, was unbelievable.

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