home by the sea

Sometimes I can go for weeks, living my life, oblivious to the fact that I live only a stones throw from the Indian Ocean and the most beautiful beaches.

Nuts isn’t it.

Other times, if there is no breeze and the world is quiet, I can hear the waves crashing rhythmically onto the beach as I drift off to sleep.

Today, I popped out to get some wine for dinner and drove the long way back (I say long way, its like a 1 minute detour) via the beach as the sky was looking interesting and I hadn’t taken any photos for ages.  I only had my iPhone, but thats ok, it was never about the actual photograph, more about just being there for a few minutes.

It was beautiful – warm, gentle breeze and the crashing of waves on the beach.  Perfect.


Crappy video too, complete with wave sounds 🙂

4 Comments on “home by the sea

  1. Ahhhh peaceful. I wish I was there right now.
    I was just the same way when I lived right at the beach in California. The Pacific was like RIGHT THERE and I totally took it for granted. Now it takes me like 3 hours to drive to the shore and I miss it.


  2. Even though your other photos are very beautiful, the iPhone photo and video of Warnbro Beach really warmed the cockles of this snowed in local who has been away for way too long and won’t be back for a while to come. Thanks so much, just the tonic I needed for my homesickness 🙂


    • Hey Patricia 🙂 Glad you like my photos – its funny, the value of the camera has so little to do with the aesthetics of an image – sometimes its the most simple of photos that does the trick.

      I should do more videos really – I forget to use my iPhone for that!

      Well, when its 40C here and we’re all baking our brains out, sprawled out on the tiled floors trying to cool down, you can bask in the satisfaction that you’re nice and snug all snowed in! Winter is fun, in theory, the harsh reality of it is less good really. I went back to the UK last December when the snow rolled in – getting stuck in Kent with 2 kids wasnt good!


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