hip to the beat, daddy-o

I got a new iPhone app today

I don’t normally brag or share about apps cos, well, its a bit passe, but this one is waaay cool


Its an old school camera simulator with different lens and film choices and its brilliant.

so many cool options for taking photos with the iPhone 🙂

It might have a crap camera relatively speaking, but the results are perfect for use on the web/flickr/facebook and blogs.  It could possibly manage an A4 print but to worry about quality would be missing the point.  Apple really have nailed the point of a smart phone.  It does lots of things pretty well – its no substitute for a dedicated device, or laptop or camera or games machine, but it does them all well enough for when you’re out an about for it to be a star.  My Nokia N95 was a good camera, a reasonable phone and crap at anything else.

The iPhone and its oh so clever App Store really is a work of genius.

3 Comments on “hip to the beat, daddy-o

  1. WIN!!!! Ok I think I’m going to get myself this one. Am I seeing this right and it’s only $1.99? Do I have to actually hook my phone up to the computer to DL it? (Like is the app too large to do it without wiring up?)


    • I think the offer has expired cos I paid the $2 something for it, its no biggie anyway, its good value I think. It saves the pics to the camera roll, so easy to get off the phone on the computer (image capture on the Mac and I think just as a browsable usb device on the pc, but I dont have one so I dont know) or uploaded to flickr or blog from there.


      • Oh well that’s still perfectly ok. I’m definitely getting myself this today. I deserve a little $2 present!


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