The best bit about autumn – clouds.

Summer in Perth is all very well, but the heat, the endless blue skies and 15 hours of sunshine a day can get a bit wearing.

I know, I know, how ungrateful!! Compared to England, we have good weather here – even when its cold, its warm.  Blah blah!

Well, the summer has packed its bags now and autumn is coming and with it – clouds, rain and cool breezes.  All of which are great for photographs.  A bit of cloud and suddenly everything is a little bit more interesting.


First up – just a few iPhone shots of the skies this week.


6:30am, through my windscreen.  Just awesome.


The next day was almost as dramatic!


Catching the train in the morning – darkness closing in for the winter – soon it’ll be dark both ends of my working day.


From the train I spotted this cool car/bike/three wheeler thing.  Apparently is been around for a decade or more – looks fantastic!  This is what happens when you let boffins loose in a shed unsupervised!  It’s probably running on plasma fission or something.


Back to Warnbro Beach – we had a few grey days, totally still too.  I love the beach when it’s like this.


Sunset from my front garden – its been a week of pure awesome for this.


I rode upto Perth this week, which is getting increasingly annoying with the traffic being so blocked up on the freeway.  Yes, I can filter though the cars, but it’s not exactly stress free doing that.  I might have to leave a little bit earlier and go the long way around the coast.

Speaking of the long way round – on the way home, I took the long way back home and stopped off in time for awesome clouds and sunset goodness.


Looking north up the coast to the Kwinana industrial strip


We had a little rain too – love the squally clouds ripping in off the ocean.  This was taken at Rockingham beach looking out to Garden Island

IMG_4729 IMG_4738

Shoalwater Beach.  I stopped here for a while and chatted to an old guy about life the universe and everything.  He was really cool and loved my little bike – I reckon he was a rev-head in his youth!


Palm Beach looking round to Mangles Bay


And then finally round to Warnbro Beach the sunset finale.


Today, we decided, well, the girls decided, they wanted to do a photoshoot down by the old railway.  It’s a little drive – I go past it when I go on one of my bike ride routes up to the hills – but we all hopped in the car and braved the rain to have a little fun.  Riding shotgun, I could actually take a few motion shots!


We pulled over by the old railway and let the girls take a ton of pictures.  I took a few too 😉

IMG_4769 DSC_0336 DSC_0300   DSC_0296 DSC_0293

We went a bit further on to St Stevens Church in Serpentine and the girls went nuts taking pictures of everything!

IMG_4779DSC_0332IMG_4776IMG_4794 IMG_4793IMG_4792

And that was that – Serpentine Church is beautiful, surrounded by a lovely rose garden and only 30 mins drive from my house.  Perfect.

So – Sunday is now shirt ironing and doing my company tax return (bah) – ah well, it was nice whilst it lasted!

Hope you’re all having a good weekend!

11 Comments on “The best bit about autumn – clouds.

    • Thanks! Autumn is always interesting here like that. One issue we do have here is that in the west, sunrise over the ocean is not really possible and rather a long drive to get to!


  1. Really enjoying your phone shots Charlie… the immediacy of them is lovely. It’s a great little vignette of autumn. Also… that spaceship on the road – whoa!.

    I had to laugh reading your previous post about dropping your keys into the faring of your bike. I did that a couple of times – once in a carpark, and once in a gas station. It was mortifying!


    • I seem to be using the iphone more than anything else lately – ah well – so much for being all highbrow photographer-like. Instagram seems to smooth away all the harshness and end up at a good compromise for blogging.

      Dropping the keys was really annoying and I burned my arm trying to hook my hand it far enough. Stoopid design! Naked bikes all the way from now on – I can drop the keys down the drain grating instead!


      • Hehehehe. Yes to naked bikes. I’m still dreaming about my Triumph Street Triple… especially since I have been coming across sooooo many bikers recently!

        As for iPhone… you know what they say – the best camera is the one you have with you 🙂


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