been od-ing on a new iPhone game


Its like scrabble, but different in, ohh, about no ways.  How they get around the copyright/patent/trademark thing, I don’t know

Anyway, we’re saddos in this house, Jay and I both have it, as do a few friends of ours too.  You sign in, create a game, invite a friend and play together.  Its great fun for a while, but then the same words keep coming out



So its refreshing when you can get a rude or suggestive word in there – scoring points becomes secondary.  Best of all, the game tells you at the top what your last word was and what score it made – which is brilliant for rude words.

Like this.

There are so many more words I want to get.  I had “jiggle” but couldn’t place it, I placed “tit” but really wanted “titties”

I know, puerile, but laugh out loud funny


Its not been easy to sleep recently.  I don’t know why particularly – obviously being sick for the best part of 2 weeks didn’t help any, but I’m still not sleeping well.

In an effort to understand this and to try to do better, I downloaded an app for my iPhone called Sleep Cycle.

Its a clever little thing – it uses the motion sensor in the phone to detect if you are moving in bed, and the amount of movement tells it which sleep mode you’re in – from deep sleep (no movement) to dreaming (twitching perhaps?) to awake (tossing and turning and looking at the clock.  cursing detection optional)

It then will try to wake you up in the morning when you’re in your lightest sleep and as close to your alarm time as possible.  So you could get woken up 30 mins yearly, but the theory is that you’re nearly awake anyway so you’ll feel clear headed and refreshed rather than when you’re woken from deep sleep when you feel like you’ve had an elephant thrown at your head.

It worked fine yesterday as I was kinda awake at the alarm time – it got me up a little early but its theory was good.  This morning though, after a shit sleep all night, I was in deep sleep (finally) and it had no choice but to sound the alarm and wake me up from my coma.  Ugh.

So, here’s night before last – lots of deep sleep and it woke me up before I went back into another deep sleep cycle – cool 🙂

night before last - lots of sleep 🙂

Last night though – was awake lots, especially around 3am and it had no choice but to wake me up at my 5:45 alarm – 5am would have been better, but thats before it’s wake up threshold.

last night - awake for 1/2 the night - ugh

So, I need to find something to keep me asleep at 2-3am, cos thats when I really wake up.  I also need to set my alarm a little earlier, cos I know I’ll be awake at that time, so I may as well get up – there’s not a lot of sleep benefit to be had after that point.  I may use the time to go for a walk before getting ready for work.