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I was just about to start writing my weekly blog (I know, it’s come to that, such is the lack of free time I have due to my work) when I thought I’d look at the wordpress dashboard and my stats section

You know, to see how many lovely people actually tune in (there’s quite a few of you actually – hello *waves*) – plus I’m a narcissist, when I saw ‘search engine terms’

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more film

I got some more films back and I love them.  The negatives are gorgeous but scans themselves weren’t brilliant.  A little nip and a tuck and some removal of dust and fluff from the jpegs and I have a load of shots I’m really happy with.

I took a bunch with the Holga again – its one of those cameras that when you get the films back, you kick yourself for having left it so long to use it.  I promised myself I’d take a few dozen shots a week, but as yet, I’ve not done that.

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Holga and Hasselblad

So, as you are aware, I got my films back – I was especially looking forward to seeing the shots from the Hasselblad, given I paid a small fortune for it and am betting the farm that it’ll produce images that will stir my creative soul.   I know, not too much pressure then.

First, the Holga, which never ceases to surprise and amaze

Next, the Hasselblad – early days with this beastie, only just got hold of a lightmeter so the early films were guesswork and counting back from Sunny 16..

I think it’s safe to say that the camera has done ok 🙂

Pretty happy with those so far. I have another 2 films I’m scanning and there are some interesting shots there too.

Can’t wait to get out again and take more shots now!

girl on film

An homage to the missus. Taken with the Holga and (mostly awful) Diana Mini.

looking good, wifey 🙂

more film pics

Some more scans of the latest films that came back

Perth from Kings Park – Holga + Kodak Portra 400

Perth – Murray St Mall – Holga + Kodak Portra 400

Sunset, Warnbro, WA – Holga wide angle pinhole + Portra 160 – this is really way underexposed, but I love the potential this camera has for sunsets.

Busselton, Western Australia – Holga wide angle pinhole + Portra 160

films are back

Been sat on the latest lot of films for ages and I finally posted them off last week to get developed

I’ve been dreading it a bit – as I had a couple of Holga back opening incidents and the Diana Mini has frustrated me endlessly. Jay had a couple of films in there too, including from the equally brilliant and irritating Supersampler.

I popped up on the train to the lab after work and picked the shots up and had a natter with the lady who works there. Churchill Colour Labs – to give them a plug – do a great job and have an excellent gallery in their shop.

So, the results – as usual, the Holga irritates and amazes at the same time – I think this latest set of mine were less good than the last batch, but there were some interesting shots none the less.

And I’d forgotten I had the first shots from the new Holga wide-angle pinhole – they were underexposed, but then its a hit and miss thing with manually timing an exposure for 10 seconds. Is that under ideal light, or the light I have in front of me. Add a bit for luck and still not enough. Ah well, all good fun.

So, a taster of Holga goodness for you eager beavers

Footbridge over the Kwinana Freeway looking towards the centre of Perth

lights at the B52’s gig

(also captured here with the phone camera)

cool lights at the B52's gig on Twitpic

Taken with the Holga pinhole wide-angle camera – a little under exposed, but I love it none the less. Wide angle is AWESOME!

More pics to come in later posts, including from the Diana Mini (which overall disgraced itself, but there were a few corkers in the bunch)

down south, part 2

Continuing from part 1, we had a quick drink in the very posh cafe at Bunker Bay and then went round the corner to Eagle Bay, which is a very small little neighbourhood full of lovely expensive summer houses, Range Rovers, a brand new Porsche Panamera and million dollar for sale hoardings.

Eagle Bay itsself was beautiful with a white sand and even bluer sea than in Warnbro where I live or Bunker Bay that we’d just come from.

Am so going there again, it was quiet and unspoiled, even on a weekend in the height of summer with Australia day just 3 days away.   There were lots of other little bays and places that would be worth exploring later in the day when the light was golden – particularly on the other side of the peninsular – Canal Rocks and Sugarloaf Rock being two very popular places for photographers.   Save those for another time when we have somewhere to stay for the night 🙂

We mooched back to Dunsborough for some coffee, but even at 4:30pm on a busy Saturday, most places had already shut or were shutting.  WTF, Australia? I see this so much and I really don’t get it.  After a day on the beach or out exploring, who wouldn’t want to come back for a snack/coffee/cake/etc before dinner later.  Apparently that message was only heeded by The Dome, so we headed there for a drink before we went home.

We drove through Busselton, which quite frankly was nothing much at all – the highlight is the huge mile long jetty, but that closed last year, leaving a fenced off eyesore and basically sod-all else.  Some naked girls/young women skinny dipping and wrestling in the sand was pretty much the highlight (much to the delight of some passing teenage boys who were busy picking their jaws up off the floor..).  Even the beachside water park/theme park thing was closed and neglected.. Took a few piccies with the Holga Pinhole Wide angle camera, forgot to take the damn lens cap off though – meh!  thats 2 shots out of 12 that will be black..  *sob*

By this time Jay was feeling tired having done all the driving (she always wants to drive, so I get to be shotgun with the cameras) and wanted to go home and as she was driving and we had a long way to go, we headed off..

And that bit will be in part 3..