Filmy goodness.

I swore I’d use my film cameras loads.  And I meant it.

The trouble is, well, I’m slack.

And I want instant results dammit!

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It’s overdue – the shots from the ‘blad are here and I’m very happy with them 🙂

I’ve said this before, but there seems to be a lightness of touch that film has in the way it renders some light conditions that digital can’t reproduce, or at least I can’t reproduce it!

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Piccies from a foreign land

I got my films from my trip to the UK back yesterday and they are awesome!

I love my Hasselblad, it produces amazing images – so clear and full of glorious colour and definition in a way that digital images somehow aren’t.  The trouble is, scanning these amazing prints and showing them on here doesn’t show them how they are at all 😦

I tried scanning them at 600dpi, but the resulting images lack clarity, so I really need to do them at the full 1200 or higher – which means a scan time of more than 9 minutes per image – crappy scanner.

So, I need to buy a dedicated medium format negative scanner.

They cost AU$750

Add it to the list of stuff I ‘need’ 😦

Expensive hobby, this film lark.   Looks like I might be getting familiar with home developing sooner rather than later!

Aaaaaanyhoo…  I do have some initial scans to share – they’re pretty much all of my kids and family, but hey, its my blog, I can share if I like!   I’ll probably redo these over the weekend – hopefully they will come out with a bit more ‘pop’

Oh, and I’ve done this on my work laptop which has a very bright screen, I don’t know if the colour/contrast on these pics is actually correct or not 😦


previously (as they say on Dexter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and others, before wasting 10 minutes of airtime on recapping seemingly the entire series to date) I mentioned a new camera.

Well, its not new.  1981 to be exact.  But it’s new to me.  And actually, given the concourse condition, it may as well be new.  There’s not a mark on it anywhere.

So, what is it?  Observant stalkers readers will know that its a Hasselblad 500 C/M

Maybe one of you will know what that is and probably no-one will actually care!

But hey, I’m a technology evangelist, so I’m going to damn well educate you, like it or not.

It’s a Swedish-made (no Austin Powers jokes please) medium format film camera.  One of the very finest cameras from days gone by actually.  It has a look down waist level viewfinder, no lightmeter – its totally manual – takes 12 shots of 6×6 medium format film (like the Holga)  and is just amazing.

purdy, huh?

Actually, mine is in much better condition than this one – its totally unused.

So, watch this space for some pictures of a different kind.

more holga goodness

so, some of the other half – temptingly tasty shots with the Holga and Trip 35.

These were taken in yee olde towne of York, WA. We only took film shots whilst we were there – so its good that a few came out well then 🙂 I’m going to have to either calibrate the scanner or buy a decent negative scanner – I’m not so convinced after all about the colours from the the Trip 35 set. Maybe I should use more black and white :))

Jay in York

Jay in York 2

I think this one was taken at the train station on the way up to the Perth Art gallery and to see Kevin Ballantine’s awesome Holga exhibition at the Spectrum Project space.

Jay Rockingham Station

first films

so, as you know, I’m on the quest for photographic enlightenment and that involves a forray back into the world of film. Starting with the basics – a Holga medium format toy camera and (still to arrive – Monday hopefully) Olympus Trip 35

As I said in the previous post, the first of the Holga films came back and they are wicked!

Holden EH

Holden EH







The only problem is the cost – $100 to post, develop and return 5 films. *eep*

Looks like I’ll be venturing into the world of home developing a little earlier than I had anticipated..