Holga and Hasselblad

So, as you are aware, I got my films back – I was especially looking forward to seeing the shots from the Hasselblad, given I paid a small fortune for it and am betting the farm that it’ll produce images that will stir my creative soul.   I know, not too much pressure then.

First, the Holga, which never ceases to surprise and amaze

Next, the Hasselblad – early days with this beastie, only just got hold of a lightmeter so the early films were guesswork and counting back from Sunny 16..

I think it’s safe to say that the camera has done ok 🙂

Pretty happy with those so far. I have another 2 films I’m scanning and there are some interesting shots there too.

Can’t wait to get out again and take more shots now!

5 Comments on “Holga and Hasselblad

  1. Nice Holga shots Charlie! And the Hasselbad ones aren’t too shabby either 🙂 Also, thanks for following HolgaDirect on Twitter. Happy Shooting!



  2. Beautiful shots all around! I think my favorite is that picture of the scooter. If you can ever enlarge that to a big print, let me know. (My husband would LOVE it. He is obsessed with Vespas.)


  3. Nice shots! How are you scanning these? Do you get them printed first, or scan the film? I’m a n00b…but I want to start doing more with my Holga!


    • Hi – I actually did print these first and then scanned them in a bog standard scanner. They needed a little cleaning up with photoshop to remove dust etc, but they actually came out ok. For decent scans though, I’d scan from the neg using an Epson V-series scanner or similar.

      Good luck with the Holga, I love mine but I keep forgetting about it! Must do more with it this holiday! Look forward to seeing your shots 🙂


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