more holga goodness

so, some of the other half – temptingly tasty shots with the Holga and Trip 35.

These were taken in yee olde towne of York, WA. We only took film shots whilst we were there – so its good that a few came out well then 🙂 I’m going to have to either calibrate the scanner or buy a decent negative scanner – I’m not so convinced after all about the colours from the the Trip 35 set. Maybe I should use more black and white :))

Jay in York

Jay in York 2

I think this one was taken at the train station on the way up to the Perth Art gallery and to see Kevin Ballantine’s awesome Holga exhibition at the Spectrum Project space.

Jay Rockingham Station

2 Comments on “more holga goodness

  1. I think the color on the first two pictures is very nice. It’s mellow / toned down yet lucid enough at the same time (does that even make sense? :-])
    The wood / stone background goes well with the mellow colors.
    The third one’s cute, but I shouldn’t be saying stuff like that, right? =D


    • I know exactly what you mean – I think its from the scan (just a normal desktop scanner) as the originals have way less of that vintage hue. I really like it though, its made the pics a lot more interesting 🙂

      You can say what you like, my friend – I agree totally, thats the whole reason I’m in Australia 🙂


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