films are back

Been sat on the latest lot of films for ages and I finally posted them off last week to get developed

I’ve been dreading it a bit – as I had a couple of Holga back opening incidents and the Diana Mini has frustrated me endlessly. Jay had a couple of films in there too, including from the equally brilliant and irritating Supersampler.

I popped up on the train to the lab after work and picked the shots up and had a natter with the lady who works there. Churchill Colour Labs – to give them a plug – do a great job and have an excellent gallery in their shop.

So, the results – as usual, the Holga irritates and amazes at the same time – I think this latest set of mine were less good than the last batch, but there were some interesting shots none the less.

And I’d forgotten I had the first shots from the new Holga wide-angle pinhole – they were underexposed, but then its a hit and miss thing with manually timing an exposure for 10 seconds. Is that under ideal light, or the light I have in front of me. Add a bit for luck and still not enough. Ah well, all good fun.

So, a taster of Holga goodness for you eager beavers

Footbridge over the Kwinana Freeway looking towards the centre of Perth

lights at the B52’s gig

(also captured here with the phone camera)

cool lights at the B52's gig on Twitpic

Taken with the Holga pinhole wide-angle camera – a little under exposed, but I love it none the less. Wide angle is AWESOME!

More pics to come in later posts, including from the Diana Mini (which overall disgraced itself, but there were a few corkers in the bunch)

6 Comments on “films are back

  1. Killer! All of them are amazing. Gosh I can’t wait for the weather to get better here so I can go outside for some shots.


    • My beloved Holga stuffed up on me the last 2 outings, one to eat the foam spacers inside and the other cos, well, I kinda sat on it and bust the lens. oops. A bit of prising and poking and some black tape and we’re back in business. Oh yes! More to come.


    • Thats with a pinhole camera – you have to guess the exposures depending on the time of day, I think I guessed wrong, but I still like it anyway.


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