more holga goodness

so, some of the other half – temptingly tasty shots with the Holga and Trip 35.

These were taken in yee olde towne of York, WA. We only took film shots whilst we were there – so its good that a few came out well then ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m going to have to either calibrate the scanner or buy a decent negative scanner – I’m not so convinced after all about the colours from the the Trip 35 set. Maybe I should use more black and white :))

Jay in York

Jay in York 2

I think this one was taken at the train station on the way up to the Perth Art gallery and to see Kevin Ballantine’s awesome Holga exhibition at the Spectrum Project space.

Jay Rockingham Station


The only trouble with the latest batch of films is they are printed on glossy paper. It makes them look beautiful, so sleek, rich and deep, but they pick up fingerprints like a brand new black iPod.

Anyway – I’ve scanned them all in now, Holga and Trip and I have to say, I’m really happy with them. No post processing on them, only on a couple just to correct some slight washing out from the scanner, not to enhance the final result.

The Olympus Trip 35 shots that I was disappointed with initially have scanned from the print really well and come out with a definite vintage feel that I didn’t pick up from the print itself. Maybe its something in the scan process, they look very close to the prints to me, but somehow have picked up a little magic on the way.

perth wheel

The Holga shots were wicked, and I’m finally digging black and white – I might have to buy some more Tri-X and shoot off a load more


mixed bag

The films were an interesting bunch.

The Olympus Trip 35 shots were almost too good. Sharp, clear, well exposed, consistent. So we have a load of pictures that look like good but general snapshots. This was the most arty of them. I’ll scan more this weekend.


The Holga shots were a mixed bag, well, mine were – Jay’s black and whites were brilliant this time. Mine were variable, some were awesome and you’ll get to see them soon I promise. Some were also a bit crap – dark and under exposed due to the film I was using. Velvia 100 really only works in the bright mid-day sun – I have Portra 400VC in it now, which will be perfect for more general conditions.



I also had an old black and white film in the now broken Olympus OM10 and there were a couple of cracking shots in that lot.



more to come this week


Just got a call from the lovely people at Churchill Colour Labs where I get my films developed to tell me that our latest batch are all done.

As luck would have it, I’m in Perth and just around the corner from them today, so I’ll pop over and pick them up.

So, faithful followers, whoever you all are, be prepared for some photos over the next week or so.

I shall drip feed them if I can bear it! Its gorgeously sunny today and I have the Holga again – might be dropping off another film at the same time. I can’t believe I took the one out of my bag from yesterday now! gah!


I finally (after weeks of being lazy) posted off the latest batch of Holga and 35mm film to be processed.

Should get it all back next week, thats 9 films (5×120 and 4x35mil) – hopefully one or two shots are decent in that batch! I know there’s going to be a few duff ones as the back came off the Holga twice, so I strongly suspect I’ll get a heap of blown out ruined ones, although I am hoping not too many.

I’ve just started planning my fun for next year with the Holga – I’m going to get together a proper portfolio (if I ever send the fookin’ things off to be developed) and start offering Lomo/Holga wedding photography.

There’s something so nuts in the way those shots come out that I bet I could get a few gigs a year for couples who don’t want the traditional shots.

My plan is to buy 3 or 4 Holga’s and a couple of Diana F’s, a Superheadz Golden Half and perhaps even a Lomo LCF, load them up with all kinds of different films (depending on lighting, time of day, clients wishes etc) and have some fun with it.

Oh, and a Golden Half, by the way, is a 35mm 1/2 frame toy camera (72 shots on a roll) – its teeny and crap and lovely and I want one!


I’ll take the digital too, as I have an awesome Holga simulator in Photoshop if needed.

Its not going to be an easy option, and really, its going to be more expensive to do it this way than digital with the raw materials cost of film and processing (around $15-20 per 12 shots) but I can imagine with the right clients, getting some WICKED shots.

In preparation for this monumental journey into madness, I have created a couple of blogs, eventually, I’ll get a domain and link them together blah blah, but here’s what I was thinking…


Jay and I are off to have a day out in Freo today for our anniversary and it looks as if summer is here – 34 degrees and sunshine.

A bit of shopping perhaps, a walk around the Fremantle Markets some tapas for lunch at the Mad Monk, Mao’s Last Dancer the cinema and then, depending on time and appetite, maybe a hot chocolate in the Chocolateria San Churros or perhaps a refreshing beer at Little Creatures

And I’m taking the Holga ๐Ÿ™‚

See yer all later

Trip to York

York is a heritage town in the wheatbelt to the east of Perth. Its a fair old trek from where we live by the sea, so we packed the camera bags and headed out early as its a couple of hours drive through the forest and out into the fields.

On the way we stopped off at a place that makes it own olive oil – run by a charismatic Frenchman – and full of the yummiest locally made honey, tapenade, olive oil, etc. We came away with some bounty (of course) for later. The local scenery is lovely too, with rolling fields and totally unspoiled forest.

York is only a small town with architecture straight out of the wild west, quaint, with verandahs, wrought iron fretwork and the original signwriting on the buildings. Its pretty quiet and cool. We went for a walk about, had some nice lunch and went off for a tour around the old courthouse. Its wonderfully preserved – you walk into the later of the 2 courtrooms, then to the earlier basic courtroom, then the jail cells, which are scarily small and with preserved graffiti on the walls. All the pictures I took of York are on the Holga or Trip 35, so you’ll just have to wait for those ๐Ÿ™‚

Went on to the main Catholic church – a very nice traditional building with lovely stained glass windows



Had a very disappointing Devonshire Tea in the somewhat crap Yorky’s Coffee Carriage tea shop, but consoled ourselves with a load of shots with the Holgas and Trip 35’s then came home via Brookton, a scenic detour through the most gorgeous countryside.

Trip 35's

Trip 35's

Drive was lovely, through the fields of the wheatbelt – which actually extends 100’s of miles to the east.

Great Southern Highway

Great Southern Highway





fields near Brookton

fields near Brookton

In Brookton, saw this wonderful sign. Not sure how that actually works as a business though..any ideas?

smalltown business

smalltown business

next post – the canola fields.