loading film

I’ve had a bit of a time off shooting film of late.

Sure, I’ve taken the odd shot and used the Polaroid a little, but nothing major for months.  And I really miss it.

Now my D300 is in the shop for repairs and I wont have it back for a while, I’ve got the time and inclination to shot a load of medium format again.

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Holga and Hasselblad

So, as you are aware, I got my films back – I was especially looking forward to seeing the shots from the Hasselblad, given I paid a small fortune for it and am betting the farm that it’ll produce images that will stir my creative soul.   I know, not too much pressure then.

First, the Holga, which never ceases to surprise and amaze

Next, the Hasselblad – early days with this beastie, only just got hold of a lightmeter so the early films were guesswork and counting back from Sunny 16..

I think it’s safe to say that the camera has done ok 🙂

Pretty happy with those so far. I have another 2 films I’m scanning and there are some interesting shots there too.

Can’t wait to get out again and take more shots now!