more film

I got some more films back and I love them.  The negatives are gorgeous but scans themselves weren’t brilliant.  A little nip and a tuck and some removal of dust and fluff from the jpegs and I have a load of shots I’m really happy with.

I took a bunch with the Holga again – its one of those cameras that when you get the films back, you kick yourself for having left it so long to use it.  I promised myself I’d take a few dozen shots a week, but as yet, I’ve not done that.


Next week – I’ll take it into the city with me and see what gives.

But for now – here’s some Holga shots of the old beach shacks where I live to enjoy

I love the Holga, its clunky, painful sometimes, but produces wonderfully smooth, crazy vignetted and distorted images that are unmistakably Holga.

2 Comments on “more film

  1. I enjoyed these shots muchly for their toy camera quality (yeah, that’s me, I’m deep). Oh for a digital Holga… or a Holga lens for my digital body….


  2. When I first got to the blog.. I thought.. “Is this Charlie’s blog?” lol. I LOVE the new theme. Very nice. And I love these photos..


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