search terms

I was just about to start writing my weekly blog (I know, it’s come to that, such is the lack of free time I have due to my work) when I thought I’d look at the wordpress dashboard and my stats section

You know, to see how many lovely people actually tune in (there’s quite a few of you actually – hello *waves*) – plus I’m a narcissist, when I saw ‘search engine terms’

I wonder what people are searching for when they stumble across my witty and wonderful writings.

Well, I was a little surprised..

Here are the terms for today

apple logo
macbook png
holga wide angle
nurse ratched
holga photography
diana mini case
fat people fucking
diana mini get stuck
pictures taken with an olympus trip 35mm film camera
really fat american people

Well, the apple and the photography stuff – yeah, thats cool.
Diana mini stuck – yes, I did a post on that
Holga – I love my Holga and write about that a bit
Olympus trip 35 – I use one of those regularly – thats cool

But ‘fat people fucking‘ – really?  when did I ever write about that?  And ‘really fat American people‘ – I mean, holy crap – I’ve never written about them (I hope)

C’mon Google, Bing, WordPress – get your shizzle together ma bizzles.

My blog, search terms, just so’s you know for future reference.

Awesome photographer in Perth, good looking, genius.

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