The only trouble with the latest batch of films is they are printed on glossy paper. It makes them look beautiful, so sleek, rich and deep, but they pick up fingerprints like a brand new black iPod.

Anyway – I’ve scanned them all in now, Holga and Trip and I have to say, I’m really happy with them. No post processing on them, only on a couple just to correct some slight washing out from the scanner, not to enhance the final result.

The Olympus Trip 35 shots that I was disappointed with initially have scanned from the print really well and come out with a definite vintage feel that I didn’t pick up from the print itself. Maybe its something in the scan process, they look very close to the prints to me, but somehow have picked up a little magic on the way.

perth wheel

The Holga shots were wicked, and I’m finally digging black and white – I might have to buy some more Tri-X and shoot off a load more


first prints

got the first set of prints from the Holgas back, and by all accounts (a 15 minute phone critique), there’s more practice needed. ah well – thats why these things are fun, right?

I’m still at work and haven’t see them yet but I can’t wait to have a look and scan a few later – watch this space. well, the space above, probably as I’ll do a new post cos I’m too lazy to edit this one… :p