Storm season

You know winter is coming to Perth when the rains arrive.

We have a remarkably livable climate here.

For most of the year it’s pretty much awesome – can be a bit too hot in the summer, and the lack of insulation and central heating can make winter a bit chilly, but for the most part – it’s peachy.

But did you know we get more rain in Perth than in London?

Most people in Perth wouldn’t know it either, because for 4 or 5 months, it hardly rains. But it catches up.  Oh boy does it.  And Winter is storm season. Read More

last pics of 2011

First up – I want to wish everyone who comes to this blog my very best for 2012! May it be amazing for all of you.

Ok – here’s the last of the photos from 2011!

The girls wanted to try out their new boogie boards and as the wind was blowing pretty strongly, the ocean was likely to have a few good small children friendly sized waves.

So I packed up my camera and a beach chair and took them down for a few hours.

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time out

Went down to the beach for an hour with Jay just to chill and get some fresh air.

Beautiful day, just us, the film cameras, a few dog walkers and the sound of the turquoise Indian Ocean