what a difference a day makes

Its been blowing a gale since I did the last blog post – last night was pretty uncomfortable with the house making all kinds of creaking noises in the storm force winds.

I woke up early as a particularly nasty squall came in and I thought we were going to lose the windows!

The house (if you’re a regular reader, you might remember this) faces due west, length-ways into the prevailing wind only a few streets back from the beach – so when the storms come in, the wind and rain and salt spray pretty much just hammers on the side of the house.

Anyway, a quick inspection revealed no damage other than a few dislodged bits of pointing from the roof and a load of branches down in the garden.  Both easily sorted.

This afternoon I popped out to get a tank bag for my bike (so I can take stuff with me when I ride) and disk lock (so the bike stays where I put it) and on the way back, I stopped at the same beach I was at yesterday,

What a difference

The boats are still stranded, some of them pushed right up against the grass on the duney bit on the edge of the beach, but they don’t look damaged. And it’s not the carnage that I thought it might be after a heavy night of sustained westerlies.

Apparently, some beaches north of Perth have been pretty much washed away, but they are a little more exposed  – I guess we got off pretty lightly in the end.

Next up – another ride around..

4 Comments on “what a difference a day makes

  1. Looks like you were lucky, your prayer was answered, your roof stayed on. Maybe summer will arrive now.
    The sea looks quite benign today.


    • we survived and yes, the ocean was quite benign compared to the day before. That blue yacht is now about 2 metres clear of the water now the sea has subsided. I don’t know how they’re going to get it back into the water though.


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