So, a few hours after having chilled out and watched the sun go down on the beach (in the last post) we got hit by the mother of all storms.

This pic was taken by a local photographer, Grahame Kelaher, about 10km from us to the south, so those lightning strikes were the ones over our head!

We got woken up at 2am by lightning like I’ve never seen before – a strike every second or two and the noise, amplified by the flat surface of the ocean, was unbelievable.

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rain rain

don’t go away, its nice to have you to cool things down again..

Its been another crazy busy week work-wise, hopefully its done and dusted by the end of tomorrow and I can return to the more sedate pace I was previously used to.  Its also been a hot week, peaking at 39C on Friday, which was pretty warm given that my air con went pop again.

We’ve had a nice rain front blow in this weekend – much needed really as there has been precious little of it this winter.  Its been warm though – its 31 outside and pouring with rain right now – we have all the windows and doors open to try to capture some of the cool air.

I just went to the DIY shop for some replacement pop-up sprinklers for my reticulation – after a while they get battered by the mower and the seals start to go and they start leaking everywhere.

To you non-Aussies (or those without garden irrigation), pop-ups look like this

So I have 6 new ones ready to replace the old battered ones – that should sort out some of the dry spots on the lawn and also should stop some of the water being ‘wasted’ (it goes back into the ground anyway) with inefficient spray.

I just need the rain to stop so I can sort them..

I stopped by the beach on my way home as the sky was looking a bit interesting – and yes, interesting doesn’t do it justice – within 2 minutes, it was pouring down!

The rain has stopped again now, so I’m off into the garden to sort those sprinklers.

facing west

I love my home office -the window faces west, which is in the direction of the weather for the most part. Being close to the ocean – only a few hundred metres – we get storms coming rattling in fast, and from my study window I get to see the fronts rolling in.

Today we’ve been getting sunshine, then skies like this…

weather front

weather front