Walk around Point Peron

Theres been plenty of photos on this blog of Point Peron, but it’s such a nice place to wander around and has some lovely bays and views down the coast and over Rockingham, that it never gets old.

Anja and I got up early – 7:30am – to beat the heat and go on a photo walk.

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Sundays on the bike

Winter in Perth has been a bit two faced this year.  If it’s not lovely sunny and very unwinter like, it’s been hammering it down with rain and utterly miserable! Anyways – after an whole weekend of torrential rain and damp overcast skies, the sun poked through around lunchtime on Sunday and the afternoon was perfect for a ride and scrub in that new back tyre before I took it out off road Read More

Point Peron and surrounds

I went out for a ride on the bike in the afternoon sunshine last weekend.  Not too hot, not too cold – perfect.

I’ve taken snapshots, proper pics, family pics and on-the-way-home-iphone photos of every inch of the local landscape (or so it would seem) – so these are just repeats.

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Cold winter photos.

It’s cold.

I know – you’re thinking – bah, Australia, cold?  Bullshit!

Well I’ve got some news for you – Australia has winter just like everyone else.  And sometimes, it’s really not very warm.  Like 0 degrees just before sunrise.  And possibly single digit daytime temperatures (although, to be fair, in Perth these are mercifully rare).  I lot of Northern Hemisphere dwellers are laughing their arses off at this.  ‘Thats not cold…’ blah blah.

Well, friends, thats fine, you’re right, but remember we don’t have:

1.  insulation
2.  central heating
3.  double glazing

So even a little cold feels properly cold.

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Some pics I forgot to post – Australia Day 2014



We (the whole family) decided that we wanted to go to the beach on Australia Day and take some photos, run about, journal for a bit, collect shells and other seaside flotsam and generally have a few hours out.

So we all headed out to Point Peron for some R&R Read More

Christmas 2013 – Walk round Point Peron

We decided to have another adventure with just the three of us – this time going for a long walk around one of my favourite parts of Rockingham – Point Peron.  Technically it’s actually Cape Peron but who’s counting!

Point Peron is limestone, joined onto the land by a thin strip of sand that one day will erode away and Peron will become another of the many islands that dot the coast.

We walked up to the old WW2 gun emplacement and then down onto the beach, poking around the rockpools for crabs and other goodies. Read More

Public Holiday walkies

After a week of pouring rain and the last of the winter storms, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful day.  Which, as luck would have it, was a public holiday.

Boo yar.

So, some chores and blah blah later, it was time for a ride on my bike.

I was going to go for a long ride, but I rode up to Point Peron and it looked so lovely that I decided to go for a walk and leave the long ride for another time

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To breakfast and back

Sundays on the bike.  That’s what this blog is turning into!

I warn you, it’s probably not going to get much better!!  I’m hooked on riding my little bike and I can hardly wait to get my next bike test done so I can graduate onto bigger bikes and explore a bit further.  That will have to wait until the end of the year though my pretties.

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Photo Sunday

It’s been too long since I went for a meander with the camera.  I wanted to take some kite surf shots today – it was supposed to be windy with storm, but as it turned out, it was only windy for a few hours and then nothing.

Still as a still thing playing sleeping lions.

And then it got really overcast too.

I really thought I’d blown it and wasn’t going to get to go out at all.

Well, the rain and storms held off a few km out to sea and the sun kept finding a way through.  In fact, the dark/light combination was kind of interesting.

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We’ve had a few days of wind and woolly weather again here in Perth – 125kph (70+mph) winds and rain/hail/thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening  – well, not really, just very very wet.

The house held up well – the front door has been leaking worse than ever as the new seal seems to trap the water and allow it to seep under the door in larger volumes than ever.  A new solution is needed and fast!

Anyway, Jay’s back has been really bad this weekend, so apart from attending the First Communion of the daughter of some friends of ours, we haven’t done a lot.  In fact, today, Sunday, was so slumpy that the girls didn’t get changed from their PJ’s till 4:30 when I announced I was off to Point Peron to take some photos.

It  chucked it down just as we were driving up the access road and the sky was very brooding, so I did wonder if it was a good idea to walk around the point. Its not too far, maybe 15 mins walk from the car to the furthest bit, but the rain here really is something else and there is no shelter at all.  Anyway, as it happened, we managed to dodge the showers and had an excellent walk, saw loads of huge crabs in the rock pools, talked to the girls about erosion and stuff (once a geologist, always a geologist) and took some photos.

Point Peron

Point Peron


Point Peron Storm

The walk on the way back was interesting as the storms has brought in thousands of Portuguese Man o’War jellyfish and spread them all over the beach – Piper didnt have shoes on and the stingers can be really nasty for several days  – so that was good fun.  Not.   Most of them were tiny, but there were a few bigger ones with very long tentacles.  Nothing by halves, this country.

Portuguese Man o'War

Portuguese Man o'War