Public Holiday walkies

After a week of pouring rain and the last of the winter storms, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful day.  Which, as luck would have it, was a public holiday.

Boo yar.

So, some chores and blah blah later, it was time for a ride on my bike.

I was going to go for a long ride, but I rode up to Point Peron and it looked so lovely that I decided to go for a walk and leave the long ride for another time

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Snippets from the weekend

Greetings, fellow humans – hope things are well with you all!

So, what’s been happening in sunny Perth?   Actually, not so much in the way of sun – we’ve had a ton of rain lately, which timed itself perfectly with some closures of the train line in the city.  Guess who was on the bike like a drowned rat for most of the time?

This weekend, however, the sun came out and it was lovely and warm.  T-shirt weather in winter – dear Northern hemisphere dwellers, don’t get too jealous :p    So not to waste the opportunity, Jay and I headed out to Fremantle to wander about, buy a few things and get some tasty lunch.

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Just riding around the beaches

The other afternoon I went for another little ride out, just for the hell of it.

It’s amazing how much more you see if you’re on a bike.  It’s way easier to just stop, park up and take a photo than it is from a car too.  I stopped in at a couple of places I haven’t been before, just because I could.

To be honest, the coast looks very similar around here no matter where you go – all the beaches are sandy with nice turquoise ocean.  I know, its torture having such a beautiful coastline!  :-p Read More

Riding around

I decided to take the bike out on a gratuitous run around yesterday.  It’s been ages since I’ve just walked or driven about with the camera on my own for the sake of it.  In fact, the last time might have been when I went to Brisbane with work.  Crap, huh?

So this post is kinda dedicated to a fellow blogger – a veritable Arkansas Traveller – Jeffrey, who takes pictures and blogs about rural Arkansas as he cycles about.  I totally love that – it’s just about getting out there.  Go find him here

It was a really hot day – into the 30’s before lunch, but there was a storm front coming down from the north, bringing cloud and interesting skies.

So around 5pm I jumped on the bike, put the trusty little LX5 in my pocket and headed out to take some shots from the coast.  Areas I have plenty of pictures of already – mostly way better ones than I could hope to get with just the pocket camera, but I don’t care – it was just nice to get out and get some air.  Plus I got to ride the bike, which still makes me feel like a spitfire pilot. Read More

experiments with motion

When the light is low and delicious it becomes malleable, flexible.  A static photograph renders what was there, sometimes better than others, but often not the feeling of being there.

But play with the light, with the camera, with the landscape, with motion and things become more interesting.

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Well, dear readers, I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas 🙂

Its that little lull in the proceedings, that odd time of the year now between Christmas and New Year when nothing much happens.  Some people are at work, a lot of shops are shut on the Public Holidays that are in lieu of the Christmas weekend, but most people are kinda just mooching about waiting for their New Year parties!

I had a good day yesterday – I dropped little ‘un off to a friends house for a play date then headed down, yes, you guessed it, to Safety Bay.  Well, it was blowing about force 5 against a crystal blue sky and 31C – how could I not! (and it’s the same again today)

As I drove up along the road, I could see the sky was full of kites – a very good sign that some decent riders would be there too.

And I wasn’t disappointed.  A lot of the pros that are here for the summer season have teaching jobs with the local kite surfing school, so they’re all set, but generally they’re busy until the end of the day, but there were still plenty of really good guys there, including Aaron Martin, who I’ve met before and was kind enough to pull some moves again, Ian Curry-Lindahl, a young kite surfer from Belgium over on a 2 week holiday and also local rider Justin Brown

I stood in the water for 2 hours with the wide angle lens, got soaked and got some incredible shots that have taken the best part of a day to whittle down to a handful of the best pictures.  So, here, for your viewing pleasure…kite surfing photo heaven!

First up – Aaron Martin

This guy is really up for some risky stunts – coming up close in relatively shallow water and taking off right over my head – pulling some crazy moves in the process.  Even going as far to crack his head on the sand in only knee deep water.  Big respect – got some fantastic photos, but man, you’re nuts!

Next – Ian Curry-Lindahl.

He’s such a nice guy, soft Belgian accent, big smile.  He has also competed a few times on the PKRA pro circuit, so he’s no slouch with the kite, that’s for sure.  He has a totally different style to Aaron, using his smaller build to his advantage to do quick twists and turns in the air, never going for the huge air, but rather focussing on the technical difficulty of the tricks.  He was very good to watch, putting in a lot of energy into every move.

Lastly, one of the Safety Bay locals – Justin Brown.

This guy was funny, his sense of humour comes through in the faces he was pulling and the crazy tricks he was doing.   He’s obviously been kitesurfing for a long time and he’s currently looking for sponsorship – he deserves it too – he was very entertaining to watch and clearly has a good time out on the water and in the air (he pulled one of the biggest jumps I have ever seen)

I have so many other shots from this session, but it’s so hard to choose my favourites!

time out

Went down to the beach for an hour with Jay just to chill and get some fresh air.

Beautiful day, just us, the film cameras, a few dog walkers and the sound of the turquoise Indian Ocean