Sundays on the bike

Winter in Perth has been a bit two faced this year.  If it’s not lovely sunny and very unwinter like, it’s been hammering it down with rain and utterly miserable! Anyways – after an whole weekend of torrential rain and damp overcast skies, the sun poked through around lunchtime on Sunday and the afternoon was perfect for a ride and scrub in that new back tyre before I took it out off road So I saddled up, stick my trusty LX5 camera in my pocket and took the bike out for a spin around the coast and went off in search of pictures in the lovely late afternoon light. Gotta love this part of the world – when the light is right, it’s such a photogenic landscape.P1020987 P1020989 P1020993 P1030004 P1030007 P1030017 P1030022 P1030028 P1030030 P1030038 P1030039 P1030041 P1030043 P1030046 P1030056 P1030060 P1030061P1020984 My trusty steed – the mighty DR650. P1030068 The ocean was very smooth and as I headed back home – so much so that the lagoon where I take summer kite surfing photos was like a mirror – lovely reflection shots! P1030072 P1030082 P1030089

5 Comments on “Sundays on the bike

  1. Lovely photos! I like especially the landing stage and the last photo. I’m jealous of the people who’ve own a motorbike and can explore awesome landscapes with it 😀


    • Thanks Monika! I love riding the bike about taking photos – but nothing you cant do in a car (well, until it comes to the backtracks..) – just get out there and do it!


      • I need a car for that 😦 and the whole thing is much cooler with a bike, haha!
        I’ll enjoy your photos until I can get into a car myself 😀


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