To breakfast and back

Sundays on the bike.  That’s what this blog is turning into!

I warn you, it’s probably not going to get much better!!  I’m hooked on riding my little bike and I can hardly wait to get my next bike test done so I can graduate onto bigger bikes and explore a bit further.  That will have to wait until the end of the year though my pretties.

So in the meantime, more pics from my rides on the little red Ninja and a few others, just because.

Autumn has arrived in Perth, and with that comes some pretty spectacular skies.  Taken from my front garden.


Riding back from the city last week, the light was very pretty so I took a tiny detour to the beach before going home  – I only had my phone, so you’ll have to make do with an Instagrammed version of what I saw.  I do love having ready access to this view 🙂

IMG_4524 IMG_4526

Last weekend, Pete and I went for a ride to Fremantle for breakfast.  The cafe he wanted to go to was closed, but we had a good nosh up in the Bakehouse

The West Coast Blues and Roots festival was on, so we got up there pretty early to avoid the crowds – I think we timed it perfectly, by the time we were finishing up, the place was very busy.


A few views around Fremantle – The Swan River


Leighton Beach

IMG_4609 IMG_4610

On the way home, I took a small detour via the shipyard in Henderson – I was loathe to take more pictures in case I got into trouble – they are building warships after all!


Closer to home – some beautiful views from Shoalwater.


I nipped over to Point Peron, which regular readers may remember I’ve taken pictures of before – it was such a lovely day it would have been rude not to have taken a few more shots

Cruel steps up to the old lookup.  A couple of young women were doing some kind of workout, running up and down these steps.  Well, running up once..the second time they were complaining of jelly legs – I can’t say I’m surprised!!


This is the view from the lookout over to Shoalwater and Penguin Island


And  looking the other way over to Rockingham


Later that week we had storms and torrential rain.  I got totally soaked in the morning, but on the way home it was clearing so I grabbed a couple more shots from the beach.


So there you go.  I get out and about a fair bit on the bike, mostly around the local areas, but gradually expanding my horizons.

Its the easter long weekend, so hopefully I will have the chance to explore somewhere else – even more hopefully with my family though!

Where do you like to go in your local area?

7 Comments on “To breakfast and back

  1. That was a great set of Instagrammed shots Charlie. Sundays on the bike for the win!

    I miss having a bike muchly. Sold my 250 in 2008 and never got another one despite the intent to. Everytime I saw a Streettriple my heart would ache in that special way…

    I lived quite near Trigg beach so I loved going for rides on West Coast Drive, at night when it wasn’t so crowded. I’d never ridden down your way, but I loved riding up to Joondalup, Yanchep, and was planning one out to Dwellingup, which never happened!


    • Thanks 🙂

      Gotta love the Triple, I was very tempted for a little while, but I’m back looking at Triumph Scramblers again…something about raspy vintage engine note..

      Just put ‘get another bike’ on the to-do list – when you’re done travelling, make it happen and give me a call!!

      Can you hire a bike on your travels?


      • Hehehehe, I’ve got one for the bike to do list. Street Triple I’m still obsessed with at the moment, but the Bonneville is just delish.

        I might give you a call when I am back in action in Perth eh? 😉

        I can hire a bike, but financially it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, and I am on a very slim shoestring!


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