Photo Sunday

It’s been too long since I went for a meander with the camera.  I wanted to take some kite surf shots today – it was supposed to be windy with storm, but as it turned out, it was only windy for a few hours and then nothing.

Still as a still thing playing sleeping lions.

And then it got really overcast too.

I really thought I’d blown it and wasn’t going to get to go out at all.

Well, the rain and storms held off a few km out to sea and the sun kept finding a way through.  In fact, the dark/light combination was kind of interesting.

First, I popped down to the local beach as the high vantage point when the ocean is calm means the blue of the shallows really shows up. The storm in the distance was pretty obvious with great sheets of rain playing on the horizon.

Here’s an iPhone panorama of the whole bay.

The beach was pretty busy (well, busier than usual anyway) and a few people were swimming and generally making the most of the fine weather.

Then I went for a little drive up the coast to Point Peron – a lovely area of preserved bushland and coast.  Well, I say preserved, there’s the no small matter of the local council overturning the ‘Bushland Forever’ designation and selling 90% of the land off to private developers to build a marina and canal side million dollar houses.  I’ve mentioned this before when I posted the shots of Mangles Bay – go to for more information.

I walked up the footpath to the old gun emplacement at the top of the hill and took a few landscape shots, including this one with my iPhone – a 22 shot stitch with the autostitch application.  Amazing.

It was still very clear looking north up the coast past Rockingham and Kwinana

Aside from a couple of morons doing doughnuts in the carpark (what is that all about – there were families there – *sigh*) it was very peaceful and there was noone else up there.

I stopped off at Mangles Bay before heading home – it’s not the best time of the day to take photos there – the light is better at sunset, but I wanted to get some shots of boats and blue skies

And then I walked back to the car and went home in time to skype my kids in England.

Not a bad way to end the weekend really 🙂

5 Comments on “Photo Sunday

  1. Cheers Charlie … and thanks for sharing the beautiful pics from your part of the world! … especially since we are going into the grays and browns (with the occasional white) of winter.


    • Thanks 🙂 glad they’re cheering you up as the long winter nights draw in where you are! There’ll be an ever increasing set of blue sky/ocean shots as the summer ramps up!


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