Ride out to North Dandalup and Pinjarra

I woke up stupidly early today for no good reason, so I decided to take advantage of the morning.

Firstly, I chatted to some friends in LA (hi Amanda, hi Tim!) and then headed out on my motorbike to have some ‘me’ time before anyone woke up!

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Cold winter photos.

It’s cold.

I know – you’re thinking – bah, Australia, cold?  Bullshit!

Well I’ve got some news for you – Australia has winter just like everyone else.  And sometimes, it’s really not very warm.  Like 0 degrees just before sunrise.  And possibly single digit daytime temperatures (although, to be fair, in Perth these are mercifully rare).  I lot of Northern Hemisphere dwellers are laughing their arses off at this.  ‘Thats not cold…’ blah blah.

Well, friends, thats fine, you’re right, but remember we don’t have:

1.  insulation
2.  central heating
3.  double glazing

So even a little cold feels properly cold.

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Off-road goodness

So, having just talked myself up on the internet about how badd-ass I’m going to be riding my bike into the inhospitable red centre of Australia, I thought I’d actually take it off road.   You mean I haven’t actually been off road on this thing?

Pah, details.


So I fuelled up and headed for the hills.

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500th Post! – Adventure Dreaming

Happy 500th postaversary,

I’ve been blogging for ages – close to 10 years now, but as is the way of things, blogs were started, burned, rekindled, abandoned.   But this one has been around since Feb 2008, which make it almost 6.  Not too shabby.  Theres been some ups and downs, but generally life is good.  Busy, crazy, but good.

So – this 500th postaversary  post is dedicated to an adventure (or more likely, multiple adventures) I want to have over the next 6 years.  Thats reasonable chunk of time, so it should be doable.

See, I’m a nerd.  As a geologist (by education and passion), I love amazing geological wonders – fossils, volcanoes, crazy sites of incredible geological importance.  So, I thought I’d pick a few incredible sites – world famous science changing sites that Australia has to offer, and go see them in person.

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Pics from the daily commute – 2


Twas a lovely morning for it, but then it usually in in Perth in the summer to be fair.  You really have to be on the road early before the sun has had too much time to crank up the heat, but as I’m in work before 8, thats not usually a problem 🙂

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Pics from the daily commute – 1

I got a GoPro camera for taking all kinds of video footage, but primarily for taking videos when I’m on the bike.

The videos are fun (I’ll post some up later) but I don’t have a fast enough computer to be able to process my daily files and make decent clips (that’s about to change though, as I have a shiny iMac about to be delivered (if we can ever time the delivery to when we’re actually home..)) – but what I can do is take stills from the camera and show you all how fun my day is. Read More