Was very hot in Perth yesterday – 43 degrees according to the news and I don’t doubt it.  It was already over 30 at 7am when I caught the train and when I went out to get lunch, the air was so warm it felt like it was burning the inside of my nose.  You know when you get a blast of hot air from the oven when you open it – like that.

The office started to heat up a fair bit in the afternoon, so I came home early – just as well as all the trains were on a slow timetable because of the heat.  Over 40 degree days happen every summer, so why on earth would you build a railway that can’t take it?  The A/C on the train was really struggling too, especially as it was packed full 😦

Anyway, I got home (via the bottle shop and 12 bottles of cold beer) and was melting by then – I really must retire my English smart office trousers – they’re too thick material for this country.

Was bliss to get my shoes and socks off and get into shorts!

Went out to take some photos at Point Peron as the heat was causing some clouds to appear over the ocean – good chance of a nice sunset, but the clouds really rolled in and the sunset wasn’t like it could have been.   There was another photographer on the beach – a Belgian guy called Tim – who was pretty cool – had a good chat whilst snapping away.  He was getting some great pics straight out of the camera – I really miss my filters that got broken when my camera fell into the sea.

Despite the sunset colours being nothing to write home about, I got some corking photos.  I messed about a little in Lightroom and was pretty happy with what came out.


Not the actual sport itself, don’t be silly – that involves exercise and in this heat, who can be bothered – no, sports photography.

I’ve been a bit excited by my latest shots and I’ve been looking into pro kite surfing photography and am kinda liking a lot of the shots I’m seeing.

I want to get closer to the action, i.e. in the water, to take advantage of wider angles and more dramatic perspectives, but that really means dragging the camera where it’s least happy – into the wet stuff.

I know its been dunked before (accidentally) and came out ok, but I don’t think I want to chance wading into waist height and shooting big curling water trails at 2cm without some protection.

So I’ll need some kind of waterproof housing.

A few minutes of searching led me to these

They’re not that costly, but are good enough to allow me to take my expensive Nikon into the dunk zone without worrying about it getting ruined.  Waterproof upto 10 meters, apparently.  Thats more than enough, I only need it to be dunk proof.

*starts saving the pennies*


Its hot today

Over 40 according to my thermometer thingy.

Not as hot as I’ve felt here, but close.  Hot enough to make the grass too warm to walk on.  Probably hot enough to fry eggs on the drive, not that I would, detesting eggs like I do.

Gonna go out to take some pics at Point Peron after dinner, hopefully get some nice low sun/dunes/plants etc shots.  We’ll see.

From yesterday..

kite surfing

a few minutes drive from where I live there’s a little shallow sheltered cove where the kitesurfers like to play.

I havent been there to take pictures for almost a year, so I figured it was about time this afternoon.  I left it until almost 6 so the light would be better and the breeze nice and strong.  When I pulled up in the car park though, I was surprised to see lots of people were packing up, but there were a good few people still out on the water.

Took almost 2o0 shots in the hour and a half I was there, which is a lot of pics for me, I’m getting a lot more economical these days.  Less is the new more.  Or something.

Anyway, I focussed on a few lads who seemed to be trying harder than the others to get huge air and faceplant themselves into the water – here’s a selection of the best shots..

hip to the beat, daddy-o

I got a new iPhone app today

I don’t normally brag or share about apps cos, well, its a bit passe, but this one is waaay cool


Its an old school camera simulator with different lens and film choices and its brilliant.

so many cool options for taking photos with the iPhone 🙂

It might have a crap camera relatively speaking, but the results are perfect for use on the web/flickr/facebook and blogs.  It could possibly manage an A4 print but to worry about quality would be missing the point.  Apple really have nailed the point of a smart phone.  It does lots of things pretty well – its no substitute for a dedicated device, or laptop or camera or games machine, but it does them all well enough for when you’re out an about for it to be a star.  My Nokia N95 was a good camera, a reasonable phone and crap at anything else.

The iPhone and its oh so clever App Store really is a work of genius.


Jay burned her hand picking up a pyrex dish from the oven with an oven glove that had the heat resistant properties of a wet tissue and has been stomping around with her hand packed in ice all evening.

So when the sunset started to look promising I suggested we go to the beach and get some air and chill for a bit.

Speaking of chill, even though it was warm out,  her hand being packed in ice kinda made her cold, so whilst I took photos, she sat shivering on the sand- LOL!

On to the pictures – one panorama and two experiments with motion..

Back in the real world

Got back to Perth on the 3rd of Jan and it was bloody hot coming out of the airport, especially as I’d been in either air conditioned comfort or the freezing UK air for 3 days.

Was nice to get back home though and one of the first things I did was to skype the kids.

Poor Henry, being small, burst into tears when I spoke to him and wanted me to cuddle him (we’d being doing lots of that and I miss it too).  They’d had the remainder of their presents and were pretty happy.

The next day, Monday 4th I had to prep for an interview (sorry if any work people read this – its true, its not that I’m really unhappy with my job or company, it just pays to explore the market every now and again – if I get the new job, I’ll be over the moon as its a good opportunity, if I don’t, its a shame but I’ll carry on and continue to focus 100% on my current job – does that cover my arse enough?) which was a pain – it was a presentation on stuff that I don’t know anything about, so I had to put in 1/2 days work to get to grips with what I had to do.

The interview the next day went well I think, although I haven’t heard yet – its always hard to gauge what an interview panel really think –  I’ll let you all know what happens as soon as I know anything.

So, we’re almost upto date – back to work this week already although very little is happening at the moment as a lot of people are still away.  I have a big project to take part in this month, although I’m not sure what my active involvement as technical architect will actually be as this is going to be a hands on exercise, I’ll find out on Monday.

Well, thats a load of text without any pretty, to remedy’s some I took the other night 🙂

Its another beautiful day today, so I may pop out to get some photos this afternoon 🙂


I worked it out – I have to use image capture to download the photos as iTunes doesnt do it – very odd!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure – some photos from the last week or so – mostly taken with “The Best Camera” iPhone app.

garden tastic

Its gotten hot all of a sudden and, as I’m really busy at work now, the aircon will have to remain unfixed as I dont have time to chase and chase the people I had lined up to come and sort it.

The garden, however, is very much my responsibility and, despite the heat, I will have to venture out and get dirty shortly.

Our neighbours dropped off some plants for us this morning (which set the dog off, hurling herself at the blinds in a bark-frenzy) which was really cool – they said they were going to a few weeks back but I’d kind of forgotten about it.

The only small snag is that they’re all the same plant – a rapidly growing daisy, but thats ok, I have lots of space in the garden to fill where I cleared almost a skip-full of ivy away earlier in the year.

So I’ll be out doing that once I’ve done the Sunday house cleaning session – always such a joy.

For your viewing pleasure, some photos of the fruits of my labour 🙂


I have some photos in a local photo exhibition this week – the first one I’ve ever entered – and they look pretty good.

I decided to only enter photos I’ve taken this year, even though I have some corking photos from the UK and last year in Oz too. I dunno, call me a purist, but I think you should only exhibit (if you can pick any images you like from your collection) with the latest stuff you have – keep things moving in a forwards direction and not in a John Farnham, ever on his “last tour this time, no really, it is…” kind of a way.

So I went down there at 9 this morning to set up and then at 4 for the group photo and newspapers (I know!) and, despite its modest setting (the foyer of the local shopping centre) the 100 or so photos we have there make a good collection.

Here’s a rather basic pic of my board.


4 of the 6 are taken with the Holga – who ever said film is dead?

Looking good I’d say 🙂