Not the actual sport itself, don’t be silly – that involves exercise and in this heat, who can be bothered – no, sports photography.

I’ve been a bit excited by my latest shots and I’ve been looking into pro kite surfing photography and am kinda liking a lot of the shots I’m seeing.

I want to get closer to the action, i.e. in the water, to take advantage of wider angles and more dramatic perspectives, but that really means dragging the camera where it’s least happy – into the wet stuff.

I know its been dunked before (accidentally) and came out ok, but I don’t think I want to chance wading into waist height and shooting big curling water trails at 2cm without some protection.

So I’ll need some kind of waterproof housing.

A few minutes of searching led me to these

They’re not that costly, but are good enough to allow me to take my expensive Nikon into the dunk zone without worrying about it getting ruined.  Waterproof upto 10 meters, apparently.  Thats more than enough, I only need it to be dunk proof.

*starts saving the pennies*

2 Comments on “sports

  1. Those are AWESOME! I didn’t even think they would make something like that. 🙂 Underwater photography is one of my faves. I used to buy these plastic throwaway underwater cameras when I was a kid and take them in the pool. I’m sure your pics will be MUCH nicer. 🙂


    • I was looking at housings for the camera, but they were thousands of dollars, these bags look like a brilliant compromise


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