experiments with motion

When the light is low and delicious it becomes malleable, flexible.Β  A static photograph renders what was there, sometimes better than others, but often not the feeling of being there.

But play with the light, with the camera, with the landscape, with motion and things become more interesting.

I might make this into a project, maybe even do an exhibition – heaven knows I’ve got enough images now!

9 Comments on “experiments with motion

    • I hadn’t considered that – ok, here’s a very straight question – do you think there’s enough ‘interest’ in showing lots of quite similar images?


      • I think it’s all in how you exhibit them – your image grouping, sequence, size etc. Much like art installations at the Museum thingo, arranged to catch the eye, I think there would definitely be enough interest.

        Seng suggested i consider a FFF exhibition for my nightwalking impressions series (http://charlenewinfred.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/nightwalking-impressions/), and given we are both on the impressionistic theme, and yours is more cohesive than mine, i thought i would plant the seed in your head as well πŸ™‚


  1. This is really beautiful. If you make this into an exhibition, you know I can’t wait to see it. I;m already excited and not sure you’re going to do it lol.


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