experiments with motion

When the light is low and delicious it becomes malleable, flexible.  A static photograph renders what was there, sometimes better than others, but often not the feeling of being there.

But play with the light, with the camera, with the landscape, with motion and things become more interesting.

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fuzzy logic

I’ve been watching England steam roller Australia in the second Test of the Ashes series at Adelaide.  What a pleasure that is after last time over here and all the over confident jibes from the Aussies over the years.

I’m not getting ahead of myself though, there’s plenty of cricket to play yet and things could easily turn around, but I’m sensing strength, patience and team cohesion from the English, whereas I’m seeing raggedness and increasing desperation and frustration from the Baggy Greens.

I suspect rain will force a draw at Adelaide, but that draw totally belies the one sided-ness of the this test.

We’re a bit chilly down here this week – only 22-25C – brrrr.  Ok, I say this just to piss off anyone in the Northern Hemisphere that is currently suffering from feet of cold white global warming.  We had a very low tide today, so I went for a paddle in the sea.  Hey, its a hard life down here, we have to put up with snakes and spiders dontchaknow.

Now I need to go for a run to get some Tim Tams, so I shall leave you with a crazy photo of the beach that I took a few weeks ago, hope ya like.


as promised, some images from last nights shoot at the beach.

motion pans, horizontal and vertical, zoom blurs and a gorgeous portrait.