family time

After the wedding, we had a chilled out day, my parents came back to our place for a few hours to see us before they flew back to the UK. We sat about, chatting, replaying wedding memories and watching the kids play. Very cool.

The next day, my mum and dad flew back to England and we went out for lunch by the beach, but the heat was really cranking, over 40C so we didnt stay at the beach for very long. The kids played on the Wii for the rest of the afternoon.

After that, we went to the park just behind the house for a few hours of play


I worked it out – I have to use image capture to download the photos as iTunes doesnt do it – very odd!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure – some photos from the last week or so – mostly taken with “The Best Camera” iPhone app.


I forgot to post this – a few weeks ago I heard a plane buzzing outside and saw a plane doing skywriting

I have no idea what it was writing, but there was a helicopter buzzing close by – filming perhaps?

Very cool – not seen that kind of thing for ages 🙂


trips to the beach

went down to the beach last night at sunset with the girls – the sunset looked promising (it wasn’t really that special in the end but its no biggie) and we had time before the girls needed to be in bed.

I picked up the cameras and a jumper too as it was a bit chilly in the evening air (isn’t it supposed to be summer already? I remember last year it was properly hot by now) and jumped in the car (I know, its only a 10 min walk, but we didn’t have that much time)

Was lovely down there and I took some wicked photos (for which you will have to wait as I’m in the city today and my photos are at home and I’ve not quite finished processing) – abstract and motion blur ones. Took a couple of portraits too which came out pretty well, although I wish I’d thought to being the flash gun to add a little fill light to one of the shots. Next time – I know what I want to achieve in the shot and how to get it now.

The girls went off up the beach jumping over the waves and splashing about in the twilight – they got totally soaked too – they are going to have to wear their bathers when we go again, they just can’t help themselves!

So yeah, was a nice night, relaxed, creative and fun.

Oh, and for those of you who want to know where I live – well, I’m not telling you specific details for obvious reasons, but here’s a general view of the bay from Google Maps.

The bay where I live

Nice, huh?


Its been quite a warm and hazy day today which usually bodes well for a corker of a sunset.

I sat on the front porch for a bit as the sun made its way down and lit up the sky

sunset palm

sunset palm

I popped out to get a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine just before the sun went all the way down, then headed a couple of minutes down the road to where all the big posh houses sit high on the dunes overlooking the ocean.

The sunset was lovely and mellow – there’s no wind today and it was so peaceful on the beach. A school (or is is pod?) of dolphins were swimming lazing circles in the bay and a few people were swimming in the last light. Perfect.





The best thing about really still and quiet evenings is I can hear the ocean from my bed as I fall asleep.

What’s that Skippy?

We had a stray kangaroo in the road today. First I saw of it was the dog going nuts at the window and the ranger pulling up outside. Followed by another one. And then the police and the wildlife officers


The roo was in the road opposite my house, so I popped out to see what all the fuss was all about. Together, the throng of roo catchers advanced down the road whist the wildlife officers prepared the tranquilliser (which took aaages, mixing this and that into a never ending set of vials).

Wildlife rangers

Eventually, they set off down the street to shoot the critter full of slumber inducing drugs and hopefully catch and remove it.

roo catchers

After a while, the deed was done and the guy with the gun came back to the car


leaving the rest of them to try to corner a drug addled and frankly probably pissed off kangaroo.

Now, bear in mind that roos can jump 6-8 feet with no problem and can run 30/40mph easily. So there began a comical stand off between the rangers/police and a few residents, including myself by this point as the roo dashed this way and that, quite unaware that it should be counting sheep by this point.


They fetched the big net ready to capture it, but it bolted up towards where I was standing – I managed to stop it escaping and it stopped for a breather


it soon bolted away again and despite the best efforts of the team, it leapt clean over the net, got upto full speed and shot past me doing huge random bounces.


And off the team scrambled in hot pursuit

Bit of fun for the day..