a day out

We went to Caversham Wildlife Park today.  I love it when I see place names from England here, especially places I know – its even funnier when 2 places are next to each other here when they’re not in England.

Caversham is near Reading, south west of London and a place I know quite well.  Caversham here is semi rural place where vineyards flourish, watered by the Swan River.

Anyway, I digress.

Its an hour or so’s drive, just past the place where we went to see the B52’s and the Proclaimers a month or so back.  Its within a massive national park and is kinda tucked away and not very busy at all.

It was pretty warm today, especially inland where this place is – despite a good strong breeze it was 37 degrees – and we were out in the middle of the day.  *phew*

The wildlife park was awesome, so many cool animals with lots of space to roam about – some of the animals were a little couped up, but most had acres of space – the birds especially.

The highlights (orgive me for all the photos, but these creatures were soooo adorable!)

a kangaroo enclosure where you could stroke and feed them.  They were all born in the park so were used to and liked human contact, so getting up close was not a problem, unlike in the wild where they can be dangerous up close

a koala enclosure where you could get up close to the little sleeping cuddly bears and even stroke them.  They were so adorable sleeping in all kinds of positions.

and my favourite – check out the guy on the left!

goats.  goats are wicked – they love a good scratch behind the ears and really don’t want you to stop, even to the point of butting up against you to do some more, but being content to eat your bag or shorts if they can’t get more attention.  I like goats, but they’d eat the sofa and the tv and the patio before a week was out.

sugar gliders – teeny little things laying on their backs fast asleep.  Like little kittens almost, paws in the air, claws outstretched.  Adorable

There were also hundreds of guinea pigs, furry bantams, pregnant sheep, a couple of camels, some wombats, wallabies, quokkas, Tasmanian devils, a bloody great golden orb weaver spider a giganormous pig and a donkey called Tommy that did tricks for food

We had a lovely picnic lunch, an ice cream and then wandered back home again.

Awesome day out!


What’s that Skippy?

We had a stray kangaroo in the road today. First I saw of it was the dog going nuts at the window and the ranger pulling up outside. Followed by another one. And then the police and the wildlife officers


The roo was in the road opposite my house, so I popped out to see what all the fuss was all about. Together, the throng of roo catchers advanced down the road whist the wildlife officers prepared the tranquilliser (which took aaages, mixing this and that into a never ending set of vials).

Wildlife rangers

Eventually, they set off down the street to shoot the critter full of slumber inducing drugs and hopefully catch and remove it.

roo catchers

After a while, the deed was done and the guy with the gun came back to the car


leaving the rest of them to try to corner a drug addled and frankly probably pissed off kangaroo.

Now, bear in mind that roos can jump 6-8 feet with no problem and can run 30/40mph easily. So there began a comical stand off between the rangers/police and a few residents, including myself by this point as the roo dashed this way and that, quite unaware that it should be counting sheep by this point.


They fetched the big net ready to capture it, but it bolted up towards where I was standing – I managed to stop it escaping and it stopped for a breather


it soon bolted away again and despite the best efforts of the team, it leapt clean over the net, got upto full speed and shot past me doing huge random bounces.


And off the team scrambled in hot pursuit

Bit of fun for the day..