Its been quite a warm and hazy day today which usually bodes well for a corker of a sunset.

I sat on the front porch for a bit as the sun made its way down and lit up the sky

sunset palm

sunset palm

I popped out to get a few beers and a couple of bottles of wine just before the sun went all the way down, then headed a couple of minutes down the road to where all the big posh houses sit high on the dunes overlooking the ocean.

The sunset was lovely and mellow – there’s no wind today and it was so peaceful on the beach. A school (or is is pod?) of dolphins were swimming lazing circles in the bay and a few people were swimming in the last light. Perfect.





The best thing about really still and quiet evenings is I can hear the ocean from my bed as I fall asleep.

6 Comments on “sunsets

    • It is – I live 600m away from the sea, but its really loud some nights, not sure I’d want to live closer, you’d not be able to hear yourself think!


  1. I’d commit murder for views like that close to where I lived… damn landlocked countries..! Over here, we spend a small fortune for the privilege of taking a trip and getting what seems to be right next door to you!


    • There’s beauty to be had in most places – we have a nice coastline and the natural landscape is nice, but the cities and towns have next to no charm. Its swings and roundabouts I guess. I used to love a walk in the woods in the UK, can’t do that so easily here (40 mins drive) so the beach it is..


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