one rule for one…

You know in real life where if you do something illegal, say, get caught snorting cocaine, or an assault, your life generally goes a bit downhill for a while, and deservedly so.  Most employers take a pretty dim view of this kind of thing and would fire you the moment ‘trial’ was mentioned in conversation.  Certainly my employment is on condition of a spotless police check.

So how is it that footballers and pop stars get let off with nothing more than a rap on the knuckles, a small ban and then they are back in action again?

I’ve noticed for some time that there is this one rule for one and one for another, especially in football, where players seem to be caught up to no good and routinely get away with it, where as the rest of the population would be left with a criminal record that basically means job options shrink down to ‘do you want fries with that’

These people are hero figures to impressionable kids growing up in the most vulnerable time of their young lives, so I don’t understand how the authorities, particularly in football, give these morons so many chances.

It sends out all the wrong signals – how its okay to break the law, do drugs, get into drunken fights, provided you grovel, apologise, tell everyone how terrible you feel and how you’ve let everyone down.

No, you’re only sorry you got caught.  Tiger Woods – are you listening?

My feeling is, these sportsmen should be hung upto dry.  They have huge salaries, huge responsibilities, so if they stuff up, they should be out – forever.  Just like you or I would be.

But no, one rule for one, as long as you’re a sporting hero, its okay to be bad, you’ll be forgiven and welcomed back with open arms.

What’s that Skippy?

We had a stray kangaroo in the road today. First I saw of it was the dog going nuts at the window and the ranger pulling up outside. Followed by another one. And then the police and the wildlife officers


The roo was in the road opposite my house, so I popped out to see what all the fuss was all about. Together, the throng of roo catchers advanced down the road whist the wildlife officers prepared the tranquilliser (which took aaages, mixing this and that into a never ending set of vials).

Wildlife rangers

Eventually, they set off down the street to shoot the critter full of slumber inducing drugs and hopefully catch and remove it.

roo catchers

After a while, the deed was done and the guy with the gun came back to the car


leaving the rest of them to try to corner a drug addled and frankly probably pissed off kangaroo.

Now, bear in mind that roos can jump 6-8 feet with no problem and can run 30/40mph easily. So there began a comical stand off between the rangers/police and a few residents, including myself by this point as the roo dashed this way and that, quite unaware that it should be counting sheep by this point.


They fetched the big net ready to capture it, but it bolted up towards where I was standing – I managed to stop it escaping and it stopped for a breather


it soon bolted away again and despite the best efforts of the team, it leapt clean over the net, got upto full speed and shot past me doing huge random bounces.


And off the team scrambled in hot pursuit

Bit of fun for the day..